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Aerospace awards


The University of Nottingham has been successful in attracting a number of prestigious awards that will contribute to the continued delivery of world leading aerospace research, including:

Centre for Aerospace Manufacturing
The Centre for Aerospace Manufacturing (CAM), sponsored by Airbus, has been the Airbus hub for Assembly, Tooling and Fixturing since 2010. Airbus-sponsored Centre for Aerospace Manufacturing (Tooling and Fixturing).
Composites Recycling
The University of Nottingham has been engaged in a strategic collaboration in composites recycling with Boeing since 2006.
 Clean Sky JTI
Systems for Green Operations ITD
The University is an Associate member of the EU Clean Sky JTI, the EU's largest ever aviation research project, through its role in the Systems for Green Operations ITD (2008-17).
Two Centres in Innovative Manufacturing
The University of Nottingham is home to two EPSRC funded Centres in Innovative Manufacturing - Composites and Additive Manufacturing (2011-16).
 Marie Curie ITN
Hosted by the IAT, INNOVATE is a €3.8m, EU-funded Marie Curie Innovate Doctoral Programme that brings together doctoral students from around the world with over 10 industrial partners.
Two Rolls-Royce UTCs
Since 1997 the University has operated two Rolls-Royce University Technology Centres (UTCs) - Gas Turbine Transmissions and Manufacturing.

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