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The Institute for Aerospace Technology works in partnership with a range of major aerospace companies and SMEs. We are always interested in establishing links with new companies and exploring additional areas of collaboration with existing partners. Please contact us to find out more.

Examples of our work with industry include:

Rolls Royce UTC in Gas Turbine Transmissions

The UTC’s researchers work closely with senior engineers in Rolls-Royce on projects that impact directly on the development of new engines. The most recent engine that the Group has contributed to is the Trent 900, which powers the new Airbus A380.

Rolls Royce UTC in Manufacturing Technology

The Nottingham UTC in Manufacturing Technology aims to be a recognised centre of excellence in manufacturing technology providing concept-proving & demonstration. Benefits are mutual and continuous since the academic community tackles "real-world" engineering challenges and solutions, which in turn produces from this community a steady flow of high-quality engineers with a better understanding on industry priorities. 

GE Aviation UTSP in Electrical Power

The GE Aviation University Technology Strategic Partnership (UTSP) is a joint programme with the University of Nottingham and the University of Warwick called SMARTPACT. SMARTPACT will deliver revolutionary research in electrical power and actuation technology and lay the foundation for more far-reaching innovation over the longer-term.

Clean Sky JTI

The University of Nottingham is the only University that is an associate member of the €1.6 billion EU Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative. Clean Sky is expected to lead the earlier introduction of new, radically greener air transport products. The University is a member of the Systems For Green Operations Integrated Technology Demonstrator (ITD).

Affordable Recycled Carbon Fibres with Boeing

The AFRECAR (Affordable Recycled Carbon Fibres) project will develop low-cost, high-strength manufacturing materials based on recycled carbon fibre. These can be used as lightweight structural reinforcement in the aerospace industry in non-critical applications such as seats, overhead lockers and other interior features on aircraft.


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