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INNOVATIVE: The Integration of Novel Aerospace Technologies

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INNOVATIVE is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions COFUND Doctoral Programme hosted by the Institute for Aerospace Technology (IAT) and co-funded by the European Union and the University of Nottingham.

The programme enables the exploration of game-changing and disruptive technologies, materials, methods and processes for the aerospace sector AND their impact and interactions in the context of the interdependencies in the aerospace industry spanning cost, weight, energy and the environment, and the human experience and safety.

INNOVATIVE is ambitious and has delivered a step-change in the training of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in aerospace technologies by providing a comprehensive programme that empowers researchers with a multidisciplinary skillset comprising tools, techniques and methods suitable for pursuing careers in Aerospace Technology and related fields. The programme includes four research areas and 23 ESR positions have been recruited over 3 cohorts.

INNOVATIVE ESRs have been based within the Institute for Aerospace Technology and supervised by a large multidisciplinary academic team of world-leading scientific research experts (spanning the areas shown above) with a current aerospace portfolio of over £75m.

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Aerospace electrification and propulsion

Vincenzo Madonna

Project: Physics of failure as a technology enabler for electrical machines in transportation: reliability-oriented design of low voltage insulation systems

Find out more on page 12 of our brochure



Milos Lukic

Project: Energy recovery and storage from aircraft taxiing operations

Find out more on page 14 of our brochure



Ahmed Hebala

Project: High temperature integrated machine drives – the development of electrical machines for aerospace propulsion electrification

Find out more on page 16 of our brochure



Jayakrishnan Harikumaran

Project: High reliability power converters for aerospace applications

Find out more on page 18 of our brochure



Sarah Shabbir

Project: Improving aerospace sealing technologies for extending seal life

Find out more on page 20 of our brochure



Cosimo Spagnolo

Project: Analytical approach to design of electrical power system architecture for aircraft

Find out more on page 22 of our brochure



Shaohong Zhu

Project: Direct drive actuation system for aircraft control surface, looking at modular aircraft actuators

Find out more on page 24 of our brochure


Xipeng Lyu

Xipeng Lyu

Project: Novel simulation tools such as smoothed-particle hydrodynamics for meshless fluid simulation capability

Find out more on page 26 of our brochure



Xin Wang

Project: Optimal control design for electric power system on More Electric Aircraft

Find out more on page 28 of our brochure



Angel Recalde

Project: Optimal design and synthesis of MEA power system architectures

Find out more on page 30 of our brochure




Aerospace manufacturing

Dongdong Xu

Project: On the machining of exotic materials required to enable successful future aircraft

Find out more on page 34 of our brochure



Mohammad Tanvir Chowdhury

Project: Integration of design and manufacture; decision making in a concurrent engineering context

Find out more on page 36 of our brochure



Julan Wu

Project: Additive manufacturing of laser powder bed fusion of permanent magnetic Nd-Fe-B

Find out more on page 38 of our brochure



Liang Ding

Project: Dry lubrication technologies for transmissions and power systems to deliver better performance and simplified systems in aerospace engineering

Find out more on page 40 of our brochure



Leonidas Gargalis

Project: Additive manufacturing of soft magnetic alloys for 3D printed electric motors

Find out more on page 42 of our brochure




Aerospace materials

Victor Thierry

Project: Numerical simulation of elastic wave propagation in textile composite structures

Find out more on page 46 of our brochure



Francesco Zangrossi

Project: R&D of carbon nanotubes-based nanocomposite for self-heating and de-icing application

Find out more on page 48 of our brochure



Nurkanat Aimakov

Project: Elastic wave energy scattering and propagation in composite structures

Find out more on page 50 of our brochure



Daniela Munalli

Project: The use of techniques such as non-destructive testing (NDT) to enhance quality of production and eliminate rejects in composites manufacturing

Find out more on page 52 of our brochure




Aerospace operations

Mahnaz Sharafkhani

Project: Using Soma design to develop immersive interventions that improve aircraft passenger comfort

Find out more on page 56 of our brochure



Divish Rengasamy

Project: Embedding and extracting domain knowledge in machine learning for condition-based maintenance

Find out more on page 58 of our brochure



Hery Mwenegoha

Project: Advanced navigation architecture for low-cost UAVs

Find out more on page 60 of our brochure



Ridwan Aji Budi Prasetyo

Project: Predicting pilot mental workload using various indicators

Find out more on page 62 of our brochure




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