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Study the many mysteries of our Universe (and beyond?) - from the smallest pieces of atoms to the largest structures in and formations in space, and everything in between. Planets, stars, galaxies, asteroids, gravity – the entire cosmos is out there to explore. 

Example Space modules in Physics & Astronomy:

  • Atmospheric and Planetary Physics (PHYS4004)
  • The Structure of Galaxies (PHYS3011)
  • Extreme Astrophysics (PHYS4009)
  • The Structure of Stars (PHYS3007)
  • Modern Cosmology (PHYS4016) 


Learn what really goes into building something that will survive a mission to space. Take your skills and apply them to explore the future (and past) in one of the most extreme, challenging and rewarding environments to operate in.

Build tech from the ground up with electronics engineering and computer science, or design, simulate and develop entire missions with mechanical and aerospace engineering.Get hands-on with real spaceflight technology, fly rockets, prototype rovers, build satellites, control missions, it’s all in here.

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Example Space modules in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (including Aerospace):

  • Intro to Space (MME3079)
  • Spacecraft System and Design (MME4038)
  • Flight Controls for Aircraft and Spacecraft (MME4049)
  • RF Electronics (EEE4128)
  • Embedded Computing (EEE3016) 


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Life Sciences
Explore life at its most extreme and bizarre and help make these discoveries worthwhile by curing people back on Earth. Learn what happens to microbes, plants, animals and astronauts and how modern countermeasures and medicine are changing as humans prepare for new trips to the Moon, Mars and space hotels.

Be part of the cutting-edge work that is being done to ensure this research is used to support healthcare on Earth in hospitals, care homes, submarines and disaster zones. 


Example Space modules in Life Sciences:

  • Astropharmacy & Astromedicine (PHAR 3026)
  • Space, Time & Motion (PHIL2055)
  • Building a Habitable Planet (BIOS1004)


Learn how space made our Earth amongst a cosmos of planets and how we use space to study it today. Use data from instruments across, above and below the world to monitor the environment, predict weather, support agriculture and ecosystems and end slavery. We’ve only got our one Earth and the more we learn from it, the better we can look after it.

View of the earth from space

Example Space modules in Geography:

  • Planet Earth: Exploring the Physical Environment (GEOL1002)
  • Geospatial Technologies: Mobile, Augmented and Virtual (GEOG3022)


Please note that the above information is accurate for the 2022/23 academic year. Some courses or modules may not be available in later academic years - please check directly with the department offering the course or the Module Database.


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