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The following lists all of those journal articles, books and book chapters published by current members of Nottingham University Business School staff from 1996 to the present day. Please note that whilst other types of publication are excluded, these can be accessed from the individual staff pages on the main staff list.

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Journal Articles

Abdelselam, O.; Duygun, M.; Matallin Saez, J.C.; Tortosa-Ausina, E. (2016), "Is Ethical Money Sensitive to Past Returns? The Case of Portfolio Constraints and Persistence of Islamic and Socially Responsible Funds", Journal of Financial Services Research, forthcoming 2016.

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Abdullah Zafar Sheikh; Atif Saleem Butt; Basharat Hussain; Stephen Timmons, (2021), "Dodgy Labour Market Dichotomy: The Repercussions of Sneaky Labour Intermediaries on Employees? Constitutional Rights", Labor History, forthcoming 2021.

Achrill, R., Abdo, H. (2020), "On-Farm Anaerobic Digestion Uptake Barriers and Required Incentives: A case study of the UK East Midlands region", Journal of Cleaner Production, forthcoming 2020.

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Adegbite, E.; Daodu, O.;Wood, J. (2020), "Will Africapitalism work?", Africa Journal of Management, forthcoming 2020.

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Akbari, Vahid; Salman, F.Sibel. (2017), "Multi-vehicle synchronized arc routing problem to restore post-disaster network connectivity", European Journal of Operational Research, Vol.257, 625-640.

Akgun, U.; Chioveanu, I. (2019), "Wholesale Price Discrimination: Innovation Incentives and Upstream Competition", Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Vol.28, 510-519, forthcoming 2019.

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Akhtar, P; Osburg, V.S.; Kabra, G ;Ullah, S; Shabbir, S;Kumari, S, (2020), "Coordination and collaboration for humanitarian operational excellence: Big data and modern information processing systems", Production Planning and Control, forthcoming 2020.

Akhtar, P; Ullah, S; Amin, S.H., Kabra, G; Shah, S, (2020), "Dynamic capabilities and environmental sustainability for emerging economies multinational enterprises", International Studies of Management and Organization, Vol.50.

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