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Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) is committed to high-quality teaching and research. Staff and registered students can access a range of databases which provide detailed historical and current information on companies and financial markets. Below is the list of databases that NUBS currently subscribe to.

 Database Description
Bloomberg A leading global provider of data, news and analytics, providing real-time and archived financial and market data, pricing, trading, news and communications tools. It contains a wealth of financial information and news on individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, mutual funds, currencies, commodities, and futures for both international and domestic markets.
S&P Capital IQ

Capital IQ provides financial statement data for public companies covering equities, fixed income, capital structure, credit ratings, transactions, private equity firm profiles, ownership, business relationships and more. 

S&P Capital IQ Pro Capital IQ Pro covers the data from Capital IQ and in addition provides data on private companies and deep industry data across Financial Institutions Groups, Real Estate, Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Energy and Metals & Mining.
The CNKI China Statistical Yearbooks The CNKI China Statisical Yearbooks database is a digital repository of statistical data published officially by the mainland Chinese government.

This database provides information on firms in the UK and Republic of Ireland. It covers the largest 2.4 million UK and Irish companies (with turnover > £1.5 million or profits > £150,000 or shareholder funds > £1.5 million) and typically provides contact information, activity details, credit score and rating, security and price information, names of bankers and auditors, details of holdings and subsidiaries, names of current and previous directors, heads of departments, and shareholders, and scans of the company's latest annual reports.

For the remaining smaller businesses, the database provides summary information.

IBISWorld provides comprehensive, independent and current research on industries in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, and others.

Mintel This resource produces approximately 600 reports into European, UK-specific and US consumer markets every year. Available report categories are Market Intelligence Essentials, Food and Drink, Country Reports and Travel and Tourism Analyst. Market research reports cover market drivers, market size and trends, market segmentation, supply structure, new product development, advertising and promotion, distribution, and the consumer.
Orbis Bank Focus This is a database of banks worldwide. The information is sourced by Bureau van Dijk from a combination of annual reports, information providers and regulatory sources.
Passport A powerful reference tool for any business researcher. It is a one-stop source to find statistics, market reports, company profiles and information sources for country, market, consumer and lifestyle profiling.
Refinitiv Workspace

Refinitiv Workspace combines Thomson ONE and Datastream/Eikon. Registered users can access quotes, earnings estimates, financial fundamentals, market moving news, transaction data, corporate filings, ownership profiles, Refinitiv ESG scores.

Datastream provides current and historical international data on stocks, indices, bonds, commodities, futures, options, earning forecasts, economic conditions, interest rates, exchange rates, and economic forecasts.


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