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Company placements

Placements are a fantastic way to help support your organisation, and here at the Nottingham University Business School, we are proud to support hundreds of students each year who work nationally and internationally on a variety of different placements.


We are always keen to work with new organisations who are interested in employing our students or developing new and innovative partnerships.

Our students study a range of topics including Finance, Management, and Economics, and therefore make a fantastic contribution to your organisations. Placements can be an excellent way of helping your organisation grow, increase your capacity, or help you take on new projects and challenges, whilst also developing talent for future prospective employees..

For more information about placements, please contact our dedicated Placements Team.


How will a placement student benefit my business?

  • Get the top talent - the University of Nottingham is consistently in the top 10 most targeted universities by employers (The Graduate Report 2019)
  • New faces, new ideas – our students can give you new ideas and perspectives within your workplace
  • Skills and support – our students work as real employees able to bring their knowledge and theory into practice


Digital Placements Programme

The University of Nottingham is equipping our students with the digital skills needed for the future. With our Digital Placements Programme, you can access the next cohort of digital talent, enhancing your business and improving your capacity.

Fast tracking early talent placements

We have students interested in digital (SAP) placements and graduate jobs. We make it easy for you to access our talented students through fast-track screening and interview process. Our placement team will match students with your requirements and organise an interview day, where you can talk to all suitable students in one visit. 

For more information and to become one of our Digital Placement Partners, download the Digital Placements Partner Pack. 


My placement was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been allowed to grow and express my ideas in a supportive environment, with my amazing team and colleagues at Druck.

Oluwanifemi (Nifemi) Idris
BSc Finance, Accounting and Management




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