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Dr Amanda Crompton

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PhD (Nottingham), PGCHE (Nottingham)
Associate Professor in Public Policy and Management

Division: Strategy and International Business
Centre/Institute: Centre for Health Innovation, Leadership and Learning
E-mail: Amanda.Crompton@nottingham.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 115 9515487
Location: C34 (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

Amanda Joined Nottingham University Business School as a Lecturer in Public Policy and Management in September 2013. Amanda is a Sociologist with a special interest in applying social theory to real world policy development and delivery. Following completion of her doctorate (University of Nottingham, 2005) Amanda worked at a number of leading policy research centres including the Centre for Research in Social Policy (Loughborough University) and the International Centre for Governance and Public Management (University of Warwick). During this time her research focused on a range of policy issues including health and social care, local government delivery, the development and sustainability of partnerships and networks, public service and policy reform programmes and infrastructure renewal.

Amanda is also a member of the Centre for Health Innovation, Leadership and Learning (CHILL), Nottingham University Business School.

Areas of Expertise
Public Service Management, identity, collaborative governance, decision making, deliberative processes, campaigning & social movements

Administrative Roles
Senior Tutor
Chair of Business School Research Ethics Committee

School Committee Memberships
Research Ethics Committee (NUBS REC) Chair
Amanda is currently (or has recently been) involved in a number of research projects: policy decision making, public engagement and deliberative democracy and public-private partnerships.

In researching these empirical topics, Amanda is interested in: social movement theory, the process of framing, strategy and the social and cultural context of partnership working and theories of collaborative governance and co-production.

Past research projects include:

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Local Safeguarding Children's Boards

Evaluation of Customers' Experiences of Contact with the Pension, Disability and Carers Service

Evaluation of DWP Financial Inclusion Champions Initiative

Seeking Direction: Men, money advice and the road to financial health

Amanda is currently supervising the following Research Students:

Farheen Akhtar
Ran Cao
Please note that I have also published as Amanda Waring.

Older Publications

Older Publications

Journal Articles

Radford, K.; Crompton, A. (2013), "Commissioning vocational rehabilitation (VR) after stroke: can the Cinderella Services get to the ball? A qualitative study", Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, Vol.18 (25), pp. 30-38, doi:10.1177/1355819613475601.

Waring, J.; Currie, G.; Crompton, A.; Bishop, S. (2013), "An exploratory study of knowledge brokering in hospital settings: facilitating the exhange of knowledge for patiant satety?", Social Science and Medicine, Vol.98, pp. 79-86, DOI: 10.1016/j.socsimed.2013.08.037.

France, A.; Harvey, J.; Sutton, L.; Waring, A, (2010), "Beyond social inclusion: towards a more equal society?", International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Vol.30 (3).

Waring, A; Mason, C. (2010), "Opening doors: promoting social inclusion through increased sports opportunities", Sport in Society, Vol.13 (3), pp. 517-530.

Waring, A; Waring, J. (2009), "Looking the part: embodying the discourse of organisational professionalism in the city", Current Sociology, Vol.57 (3), pp. 344-364.

Waring, A, (2008), "Health club use and "lifestyle": exploring the boundaries between work and leisure", Leisure Studies, Vol.27 (3), pp. 295-309.

Shaw, I.; Crompton, A. (2003), "Theory, like mist on spectacles, obscures vision", Evaluation, Vol.9 (2), pp. 192-204.

Reports for external body

Whitfield, G.; Waring, A; Goode, J.; Phung V, H.; Hill, K.; Sutton, L. 2011, "Customers' experiences of contact with the pension, disability and careers service", in London: Department of Work and Pensions.

France, A.; Munro, E.; Waring, A, 2010, "Exaluation of the effectivenessof the new local safeguarding children books: final report", in Loughborough: Centre for Research in Social Policy.

Padley, M.J.; Waring, A, 2009, "The impact of school sport partnerships on pupil behaviour", in Loughborough: Institute of Youth Sport (for DCSF, Sport England, DCMS and Youth Sport Trust).

Padley, M.J.; Waring, A, 2009, "The further education sports coordinator programme", in Loughborough: Institute of Youth Sport (for DSCF, Sport England, DCMS and Youth Sport Trust).

Waring, A; Houlihan, B. 2009, "The impact of School sport partnerships on pupil attainment", in Loughborough: Institute of Youth Sport (for DCSF, Sport England, DCMS and Youth Sport Trust.

Chapters in Books

France, A.; Sutton, L.; Waring, A, (2010), "Youth, citizenship and risk in UK social policy", in Leaman, J, Worsching, M (ed) Yourh in Contemporary Europe, London: Routledge.

Waring, A, (2008), "Working out: the role of exercise in the quest for career success", in Wheaton, B, Gilchrist, P (ed) Whatever happened to the leisure society: media consumption and space, Brighton: LSA.


Waring, A, 2010, "Community based programmes and the quest for social inclusion.", at Presented at the Diversity and Equality in Leisure, Sport and Tourism conference, Leisure Studiess Association, Leeds Metropolitan University, July.

Waring, A; Mason, C. 2009, "Opening Doors: promoting social inclusion through increased sports opportunities", at Presented at the Beyond Social Inclusion: towards a more equal society conference, Centre for Research in Social Policy, Loughborough University.

Waring, A, 2008, "Premier health club use and the quest for occupational success", at Presented at the School of Human and Life Sciences seminar series, Roehampton University, Invited Paper.

Waring, A, 2007, "Physical education as embodied practice: the development of capital through body work and physical activity.", at Presented at the Body and Social Policy conference, BSA/SPA, University of Leeds.

Waring, A, 2007, "Working out: health club use and the creation of a "workstyle" amongst professional city workers", at Presented at the Leisure Studies Association annual conference, University of Brighton.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Waring, J., Crompton, A., Overton, C., Roe, B. (2020), "Decentering health research networks: framing collaboration in the context of narrative incompatibility and regional geo-politics"", Public Policy and Administration, Vol.online first, forthcoming 2020.

Waring, J.; Roe, B.; Crompton, A.; Bishop, S. (2020), "The contingencies of medical restratification across inter-organisational care networks", Social Science and Medicine, Vol.263, 113227.

Waring, J. Crompton, A, (2019), "The struggles for (and of) network management: an ethnographic study of non-dominant policy actors in the English healthcare system", Public Management Review, forthcoming 2019.

Crompton, A. (2018), "Inside Co-production: Stakeholder Meaning and Situated practice", Social Policy and Administration: an international journal of policy and research, Vol.53 (2), pp. 219-232.

Crompton, A.; Waring, J.; O'Conor, R.; Roe, B. (2018), "Are We All On the Same Page? A Qualitative Study of the Facilitation Challenges Associated with the Implementation of Deliberative Priority-Setting", Public Management Review, Vol.20, pp. 1623-1642.

Waring, J; Crompton, A. (2017), "A 'movement for improvement' A qualitative study of the adoption of social movement strategies in the implementation of a quality improvement campaign", Sociology of Health and Illness, Vol.39 (7), pp. 1083-1099.

Crompton, A. (2015), "Runaway train public participation and the case the HS2", Policy and Politics, Vol.43 (1), pp. 27-44.

Grant, M.I.; Terry, J.; Crompton, A; Radford, K. (2014), "Usability and acceptability of stroke-specific vocational rehabilitation: a post-trial interview study", Clinical Rehabilitation, Vol.28 (4).

Chapters in Books

Waring, J.; Crompton, A. (2016), "Culture shock and the NHS diaspora: Coping with cultural difference in public-private partnerships", Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.



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