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Professor Mihaela Kelemen

BA (Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest), Dphil (University of Oxford), PhD (Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest)
Professor of Business and Society

Division: Strategy and International Business
Centre/Institute: International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility
Tel: +44 (0) 115 7487472
Location: B1a North (, Jubilee Campus)

Mihaela Kelemen is Chair in Business and Society at Nottingham University Business School, UK. Prior to joining Nottingham, she taught and researched at Keele University for 23 years, as Professor of Management and Public Engagement (since 2006) and as Director of the Community Animation and Social Innovation Centre-CASIC (since 2014). She holds doctoral degrees from Oxford University and the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. Her research is underpinned by American Pragmatism and uses participatory creative methodologies of community engagement and knowledge co-production. She has received funding from the AHRC, GCRF, ESRC, EPSRC, MRC and HEFCE to explore a wide range of business and society topics such as market-place exclusion, food poverty, rural health, volunteering and post disaster reconstruction/tourism in an international context. Her research puts centre stage the experiences and aspirations of various marginalized communities based in the UK, Japan and the Philippines. Outputs have been disseminated not only via academic publications but also through documentary dramas, virtual games and community based exhibitions and installations curated jointly with the award winning New Vic Borderlines. She is a member of the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships Peer Review College and of the AHRC Peer Review College.

Current Research Activities
Creative methodologies of knowledge co-production
American Pragmatism
Community leadership
Food poverty and compassion
Post disaster tourism
Volunteering and Civil Society
Global/Rural Health

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Kelemen, M.; Hamilton, L. (2019), "Creative processes of impact making: Advancing an American Pragmatist methodology", Qualitative Research in Organization and Management, Vol.14 (3), 241-259.

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Mangan, A.; Kelemen, M.; Moffat, S. (2016), "Animating the classroom: Pedagogical responses to internationalisation", Management Learning, Vol.47 (3), 285-304.



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