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Dr Simona Spedale

Italian Laurea (Milan, Italy), PhD (CASS, London), MA (Sheffield), HESA (Nottingham PGCHE (30 Credits)), PhD (Sheffield), Academic Fellow (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development)
Associate Professor in OB/HRM

Division: Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8466216
Location: C81 (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

Simona Spedale is Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and HRM at Nottingham University Business School. She gained her PhD in Organisational Behaviour from CASS (City University Business School), London and has worked in Italy (Bocconi University/SDA Business School, Milan) and The Netherlands (Erasmus University, Rotterdam).

She has experience of a variety of academic administrative roles, including Head of International Study in charge of student exchanges. More recently she has been Director of Undergraduate Programmes (2013-2016), leading a large team and presiding over major changes resulting in significant improvement in the School's position in the National Student Survey and associated rankings.

She is currently Research Director and Research Series Coordinator for the OB/HRM Division. She has published in international journals such as Organisation Studies, Organization, the Scandinavian Journal of Management, Long Range Planning and the International Small Business Journal.

Research Interests
Inter-organisational relationships and embeddedness; Organisational decision making and sensemaking; Identity and identity change; Entrepreneurial action

Administrative Roles
Divisional Research Director (OB/HRM)
Research Series Co-ordinator (OB/HRM)
Current Research Activities
My research centres on key aspects of power, social interaction and institutional processes. I privilege qualitative methodologies and am especially interested in the role of language, discourse and narratives in constructing the world of individuals at work.

I have a longstanding interest in social interaction, identity and sensemaking. Past research has explored the dynamics of sensemaking in M&As and alliances, face-to-face interaction and sensemaking in organisational decision-making and within teams, and, more broadly, the connection between sensemaking and identity in a variety of contexts, including entrepreneurship.

I am currently pursuing this line of inquiry in two directions: by exploring the link between institutional complexity and organisational identity using semiotics as key methodological approach; and, by analysing institutional change and individual identity dynamics in, mostly, professional settings.

A second line of established research focuses on age-related issues - including ageism - at the individual and organisational levels. I am particularly interested in the link between age and identity and identity-work and privilege an intersectional approach that connects age with other key sociological dimensions and, most particularly, with gender.

I am currently exploring these issues from a socio-psychological perspective and am particularly interested in the notion of narrative emotions as analytical tool. A third interdisciplinary area of research centres on innovation management (particularly team dynamics, leadership and decision making) and interorganisational collaboration (with an emphasis on process and aspects of value creation/appropriation). More specifically, I am investigating the dynamics of social interaction and sensemaking in open innovation setting (including co-design and co-creation) and creative projects, predominantly in services, and their impact on innovation output and collaboration effectiveness. This line of work is supported by a BA/Leverhulme Small Grant.

Publications prior to 2005

Publications prior to 2005

Journal Articles

Spedale, S. (2003), "Technological Discontinuities: Is Co-operation an Option?", Long Range Planning, Vol.36, pp. 253-268.


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Spedale, S. 2001, "Interfirm Co-operation and Technological Discontinuities: When Incumbents and Newcomers Coexist", at 21st Annual Conference of the Strategic Management Society.

Publications from 2005 to the present day

Journal Articles

Spedale, S. (2018), "Deconstructing the 'older worker': Exploring the complexities of subject positioning at the intersection of multiple discourses", Organization, pp. 1-17.

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Chapters in Books

Coupland, C; Spedale, S. (2018), "Agile identities: Fragile humans?", in Oxford Handbook of Identities in Organizations. Andrew D. Brown ed., Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2018.

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