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Healthcare management research

Healthcare management research is carried out within the Centre for Health Innovation, Leadership and Learning (CHILL) - a community of social science researchers, studying real-world problems in the management of healthcare. Our priority areas include: quality and safety, commissioning and integration, and innovation and change. 

CHILL researchers are working with colleagues from Medicine and Health Sciences as well as a wide range of University, NHS and third sector partner organisations on five large studies funded by the National Institute for Health Research.

  • The BLAST OFF (Bisphosphonate Alternative Regimens for the Prevention of Osteoporotic Fragility Fractures) Study. Along with colleagues from Nottingham University Hospital, the Royal Osteoporosis Society amongst others, researchers in CHILL are studying the experiences of people undertaking treatment for osteoporosis, to investigate the suitability and acceptability of new forms of treatment which could improve medication and reduce fragility fractures.
  • NeuRoMS (Neuropsychological Evaluation and Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis). This project is developing a neuropsychological evaluation pathway, to assess people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for cognitive problems and develop a brief rehabilitation programme for people with MS with ‘mild’ cognitive problems. 
  • ROWTATE (Return To Work After Trauma). This project is developing a package of individualised support to help people who have suffered major physical trauma to stay in or return to work and testing how well it works.
  • RECOLLECT 2 (Recovery Colleges Characterisation and Testing). This four year project is looking at identifying the contribution of ‘recovery colleges’ – innovative approaches to supporting mental health recovery through educational approaches – including on their outcomes for students, variations and development.
  • HELPA (Healthcare Leadership for Political Astuteness). This innovative project is exploring the nature of political astuteness amongst healthcare leaders in relation to recent healthcare policy and organisational reforms. Working with partners and leadership development bodies it is developing new training approaches for future healthcare leaders.
  • Applied Research Centre (ARC East Midlands). This longstanding collaboration with the Applied Research Centre is currently looking at the nature of co-production during the Covid-19 crisis. 
CHILL is working with colleagues from Health Sciences and NHS Health Education England on evaluating the Centre for Advanced Practice. Advanced clinical practitioners come from a range of professional backgrounds such as nursing, pharmacy, and allied health professionals. They are healthcare professionals who have developed the skills and knowledge to allow them to take on expanded roles and scope of practice caring for patients.

Centre for Health Innovation, Leadership and Learning

A female doctor attaching equipment to analyse brain pattern


Our PhD students are researching a wide variety of topics on the organisation and management of healthcare. These include:

  • patient safety in nursing homes, home care and transitions between hospitals (three projects) and the implementation of care bundles to prevent surgical site infections
  • contemporary professionalism in the age of austerity
  • compassion in mental health care
  • implementation and non-implementation of medication devices
  • emotional labour in medicine and nursing
  • the labour market for nurses
  • implementing an exercise class for people with dementia





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