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Honghu Chu

Bachelor of Economics (Ningbo University); MSc Banking and Financial Markets in Contemporary China with Distinction (The University of Nottingham)


Current Status: Completed
Year of Registration: 2014
Expected Completion Date: /01/2017

Primary Funding Source:
SCCS Scholarship

Research Topic:
Political Connections, Government Ownership, and Cost of Debt Evidence from China

Research Details:
China is attracting increasing focus for its dramatic economic growth and, unlike most of the "Western economies", for its "relationship-based" economic characteristics. It's not rare that Chinese listed firms have government ownership within the firm structure. Moreover, more than 30% of Chinese listed firms have or once had politically connected senior managers according to our database. Although the market perceives Chinese politically connected firms to be related to poor performance, are these firms able to find debt financing easier with a lower cost of debt? These politically connected firms are becoming important objectives in the frontier of political economy and corporate finance.

Our research area covers political connections and firm performance; political connections, ownership structure and cost of debt; and corporate governance in China. We make original contributions by manually collecting the data for political connection variables of all the Chinese listed firms.

Research Supervisor/s: Jian Chen and Jing Chen

Department: Finance, Risk and Banking

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