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Why further study?


There are lots of reasons why you may be considering further study. It maybe a requirement of the sector you want to go into, to gain further skills and knowledge that can benefit you in the future or to study a topic you're passionate about. 

If you’re serious about your future, then you’ll need to carefully consider how it could help you achieve your ambitions.

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Achieving your career ambitions 

For some career areas, further study is a minimum requirement for entry into a profession, such as: teachinglegal careers, and social workers.

In other career areas  for example, journalism  it’s not essential but highly desirable. 

Find out if further study is a requirement of your chosen sector


Developing your expertise

You may be motivated to continue your studies because you wish to explore your subject further or to specialise in a particular area.

Depending on your longer term career direction this may be attractive to a future employer - for example, within the scientific or engineering fields.

Potential financial rewards 

Postgraduate study can be an investment in your future. For example: 

  • the median average salary of Nottingham students graduating with a PhD is £31,100*
  • the average salary for PhD graduates is 35% higher* than for first-degree graduates 
  • the average salary among those graduating from taught masters courses is £22,200*
* Known destinations of all full-time UK graduates in full-time employment in 2015/16.

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My masters has certainly provided me with some great talking points for my CV and during interviews. 

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An employer's perspective

Employer talks about postgraduate study

In this short video, employers talk about their perceptions on postgraduate study and offers advice about pursuing further study. It covers:

  • The advantages of postgraduate study
  • Things to be cautious of when considering postgraduate study
  • How to research the best option for you. 

International students

If you are an international student from a non-European Economic Area (EEA), wishing to stay longer than the period given by the Home Office in order to undertake postgraduate study, you must apply to the Home Office to extend your 'leave to remain' in the UK. 

For further information:

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.


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