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Systematic review

Pure filtered evidence

Systematic reviews aim to identify, appraise and synthesise all the evidence that meets pre-specified eligibility criteria, to answer a given research question.

High quality systematic reviews aim to minimise bias and subjectivity by using rigorous, transparent and reproducible methods. Systematic reviews are different from narrative reviews (e.g. editorials, textbooks etc.), which describe the literature on a topic but lack an explicit methodology, so may have more risk of bias as certain studies may be excluded.

Systematic reviews in veterinary medicine and science are still a relatively new and undeveloped concept compared to the medical field, and they can be difficult to locate in the literature.

The CEVM is carrying out a number of systematic reviews and critically appraised topics, including BestBETs for Vets. We are also developing a toolkit of resources and techniques for veterinary systematic reviews. Through our VetSRev database and other channels we hope to disseminate information about new and existing systematic reviews to the veterinary community.

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