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Student vlogger Calvin talks about his favourite aspect of American and Canadian Studies and explores the incredible range of history modules available.

Peter and Viv give you an overview of their history modules

Race, Power, Money and the Making of North America 1607-1900



Other history modules you can choose from include:

  • American Freedom? Empire, Rights and Capitalism in Modern US History, 1900-Present
  • African American History and Culture
  • American Radicalism
  • American Violence: A History
  • Immigration and Ethnicity in the United States
  • The American Pop Century
  • The US and the World in the American Century: US Foreign Policy, 1898-2008
  • A History of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Sexuality in American History
  • The Special Relationship, Spit and Slavery - Britain and the US 1776-1877
  • Troubled Empire: The Projection of American Global Power from Pearl Harbor to Covid-19
  • US Foreign Policy, 1989 - present

In my module ‘American Violence: A History’, I analysed the specific wording of the second amendment and the effect it has on gun legislation today. Then, in my module ‘The American Pop Century’, I wrote an essay on whether Macklemore truly has a space in rap music.

Because American Studies can be quite contemporary, it allowed me to reflect on the past and consider the future consequences in culture and society. This really allowed me to be imaginative.

Amelia Anastasi, American Studies and History BA

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