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Past and current student share what it's really like to study in the Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies.

Current students

Aiesha Wilson, second-year Film and Television student, standing smiling in a kitchen

Aiesha Wilson, second-year Film and Television student

Academically, I’ve developed so much through the feedback I get. I make sure to pay attention to every bit of feedback, and if I hear something twice then I know I need to work on that particular area.

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Hannah McCurrie wearing a black lace top and looking into the camera

Hannah McCurrie, second-year History of Art student

I looked at the modules and thought they seemed really interesting and applicable to loads of future careers as well. You don’t have to work in a museum when you come out the other end. 

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Pablo stands against a brick wall wearing a Hispanic Society fleece

Pablo Larios Vázquez, Spanish and International Media and Communications Studies BA student

Having lived in different countries, I have learned that media will always be a product of the society that it's in. And as I already had an interest in sociology, I was really interested in studying the subject from a sociological point of view.

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A close up profile of Tammy

Tammy Chan, Archaeology and History of Art student

"Archaeology and history of art seem quite different subjects but as they are both concerned with the visual aspect of the subject they're looking at, they actually complement each other quite well."

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Imogen Kaufman 345x345

Imogen Kaufman, PhD student exploring the lived experience of video games in the UK

I believe the way we talk about things matters, and there is a way we all talk about games that can naturalise that darker side existing in gaming. I'd rather not look away from that and deal with the whole picture.

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Our graduates


Amber Speed, Corporate Development Manager at the National Portrait Gallery

BA History of Art graduate, 2017

To start off first year we learnt about Renaissance art all the way up to the modern day, it was a whole overview and I loved that. It was great to go to each of those early sessions and it would be completely different to the last one, looking at a variety of genres.
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Melania Burlacu, standing in front of Highfileld's Lake in her graduation gown.

Melania Burlacu

BA Film and Television Studies graduate, 2021

I moved to the UK when I was 12. I didn’t speak the language properly, so film was kind of universal. Everyone can understand it. That’s what got me into it. It’s something that was there for me from the start.
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Chloe Austin standing next to a window and smiling into the camera

Chloe Austin, Exhibitions and Research Manager at Maximillian William, London

BA History of Art graduate, 2019

You never know where something’s going to lead to. I didn’t think that becoming a zebra mascot would lead to me becoming an invigilator, which would then lead to making a lot of connections in Nottingham's art scene!
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Fiona on graduation day, wearing a black motarboard hat and gown, holding her degree certificate

Fiona Malloch

BA History of Art graduate, 2023

I loved the 'History of Art: Renaissance to Revolution' module with Gaby Neher. That was partly due to the subject, but it was also largely due to Gaby. She is so passionate, so knowledgeable. I also loved being taught by Isobel Elstob, one of her modules in particular, 'Black Art in a White Context', was fantastic.
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Rich Davis - picture 2

Rich Davis, Journalist, Producer and Presenter

French and Film and Television Studies graduate

My role is essentially to report stories. But how that looks can change from day to day. Some days I might be writing copy and editing pictures in the newsroom and then other days, I may be chasing up information for stories from our office and when there is a major news story I could be out assisting a reporter or producer.

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