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Chrysi Dagoula

Assistant Professor of International Media and Communications Studies, Faculty of Arts



Deputy Director of Postgraduate Research (PGR)

Course Convener for MA in International Media & Communications

Deputy Convener of Knowledge Exchange & Impact Cluster on 'Creating Critical Public Cultures'


My academic journey began in Sheffield, where I earned my PhD, entitled 'The Ongoing Structural Transformations of the Digital Public Sphere(s): The Role of Journalism', in 2017 from the University of Sheffield, Department of Journalism Studies. My PhD thesis awarded with honorable mention for best dissertation in 'Information, Technology and Politics" in 2018 by APSA (American Political Science Association).

For the period 2018-2022, I worked as an assistant professor in Media Studies at the Centre for Media and Journalism Studies at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands).

Expertise Summary

My broader academic research interests concern the developments in digital, social and political communication and in journalism. More specifically, my overlapping areas of expertise are: a) the evolution of digitally mediated social and political arenas; b) technologies and platforms as cause for social and/or political change; c) manifestations of social and political expression in digital and social media environments; d) the effects of digital and social media on journalists and media actors; e) political communication and messaging in explicitly non-political cultural settings; f) digital research methods (e.g., multimodal discourse analysis).

Teaching Summary

2023/24 This academic year I am teaching and convening the following modules:

  • CULT1009 / CULT1018, Media and Society (Autumn 2023)
  • CULT2023, New Media and Digital Culture (Autumn 2023)
  • CULT1015 / CULT1021, Communication and Technology (Spring 2023)

Past modules:

  • CULT4019, Cultural Policy (Spring 2023)
  • CULT2023, New Media and Digital Culture (Spring 2023)

Research Summary

My current research is reflected in my book News Journalism and Twitter: Disruption, Adaption and Normalisation (2023, Routledge). Through a sociological approach and the use of the theory of… read more

Current Research

My current research is reflected in my book News Journalism and Twitter: Disruption, Adaption and Normalisation (2023, Routledge). Through a sociological approach and the use of the theory of punctuated equilibrium, I am aiming to understand how social change occurs, how it affects journalism (at an institutional and at an individual level), and how journalism responds. On a theoretical level, the book draws on a large pool of interdisciplinary work in media, journalism, politics and sociology; and on an empirical level, it relies on a mixed methods approach that combines qualitative study (research interviews) and an evolutionary account that analyses how journalists' Twitter accounts have changed over the period 2009-2021.

I am also the author of the book 'Mapping the Greek Journalistic Twitter: a theoretical and practical approach (2019, Metamesonykties) and the co-editor of the volume 6+1 Proposals for Journalism: Safeguarding the Field in the Digital Era (2022, Intellect Books): an edited collection that discusses, and recommends solutions to, challenges facing journalism in this digital age. It draws attention to seven key factors that not only highlight the present crisis in journalism, but also indicate the steps we need to take to safeguard and enhance trustworthy journalism for the future.

Past Research

Other peer-reviewed work includes an explanatory step-by-step guide on how to conduct research on Twitter (Researching Twitter: A large-scale mixed methods project to study how journalists use Twitter during elections) published at SAGE Research Methods Case Studies: Doing Research Online) and a co-authored large-scale report on complaints handling and editorial policies, in collaboration with The Centre for the Freedom of the Media (CFOM) at the University of Sheffield.

Future Research

My future research project is provisionally called 'Taking a Political Stance': since 2016, the iconic fashion magazine Vogue has introduced political views and stances in its editorial comments. This study aims to understand when and why the U.S. Vogue editorials turned to politics (1892-2022), and what is the social and political significance of this.

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