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Fernanda Amaral

Teaching Associate in Media and Culture, Faculty of Arts



Dr Fernanda Amaral is a Teaching Associate in Media and Culture in the Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies. She holds a PhD in Media Discourse from De Montfort University, an MBA in Strategic Communication and a BSc (Hons) in Journalism. Her research has focused on the dynamics between misrepresentation, violence and voice poverty, analysing the struggles to produce counter-narratives supported by digital tools to challenge the status quo.

Expertise Summary

Fernanda's research is interdisciplinary and has focused on the transformations heralded by the introduction of modern communication technology on struggles for voice, justice, and memory in Latin America. Her main reflections gravitate around counter-narratives of police-citizen encounters that challenge the mainstream representation of those events, with a particular emphasis on racialised regimes of representation and remembrance, and activist memory.

Recent Publications

  • AMARAL, FERNANDA, 2021. Voices from the favelas: media activism and counter-narratives from below Rowman & Littlefield.
  • AMARAL, FERNANDA, 2021. The militarisation of the security forces and the targeting of the poor: an analysis of the rise in police brutality in Brazil during the Covid-19 pandemic.. In: PRICE, STUART and HARBISHER, BEN, eds., Power, Media, and the Covid 19 Pandemic: framing public discourse. Routledge. 123-135
  • HANSKA, MAX, BAHIYA, AHMED, AMARAL, FERNANDA and SUI, YU, 2020. The public sphere, political legitimacy, and collective identity: Case studies from Iraq, Brazil and China. Communications -The European Journal of Communication Research.
  • AMARAL, FERNANDA, 2019. They have something to say: a study of social media use and public discourse in the Rio de Janeiro favelas
  • AMARAL, FERNANDA, 2019. Luta e voz nas favelas do Rio de Janeiro: representatividade, estereótipo, identidade e democracia às margens da cidade CSOnline – Revista Eletrônica de Ciências Sociais. 78-95
  • AMARAL, FERNANDA, 2019. Contos à margem: letramentos de sobrevivência e midiativismo nas favelas do Rio de Janeiro Revista Mídia e Cotidiano. 13, 121-140
  • AMARAL, FERNANDA, 2019. Violence and impunity in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas: citizens, smartphones and police malpractice. In: PRICE, STUART, ed., Journalism, Power and Investigation - Global and Activist Perspectives Routledge. 160-174
  • HANSKA, MAX, BAHIYA, AHMED, AMARAL, FERNANDA and SUI, YU, 2019. The public sphere: From theory to its diverse manifestations. In: CHIUMBU, S and IQANI, M, eds., Media Studies: Decolonizing concepts Oxford University Press. 80-95

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