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New publication for Dirk Goettsche: Memory and Postcolonial Studies: Synergies and New Directions

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Professor Dirk Göttsche has recently published a new volume entitled Memory and Postcolonial Studies: Synergies and New Directions’. 

This volume is based on the Nottingham conference of the same title which the Research Priority Area “Languages, Texts and Society” hosted on 10 June 2016. It includes, amongst others, ten chapters by colleagues and postgraduates from Nottingham, six of them from Modern Languages and Cultures, and American and Canadian Studies.

The volume explores the interface between Postcolonial Studies and Memory Studies across literatures and media from Europe, Africa and the Americas, and intersections with Asia. Combining theoretical discussion with innovative case studies, the chapters consider various postcolonial politics of memory (with a focus on Africa); diasporic, traumatic and “multidirectional memory” (Rothberg); performative and linguistic aspects of postcolonial memory; and transcultural memoryscapes ranging from the Black Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, from overseas colonialism to the intra-European legacies of Habsburg, Ottoman and Russian/Soviet imperialism.

Posted on Wednesday 5th June 2019

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