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Relaunch of the Hennessy Collection

Group photo (L-R) of Emeritus Professor Antoni Kapcia, Vice-Chancellor Shearer West, Dr Par Kumaraswami and the Cuban ambassador to the United Kingdom Bárbara Elena Montalvo Álvarez.

The Hennessy Collection saw its relaunch on Monday March the 13th! The School was joined by the Cuban ambassador to the United Kingdom, Bárbara Elena Montalvo Álvarez, the First Secretary Michel Rodríguez and Vice-Chancellor Shearer West.

The Vice-Chancellor and the ambassador exchanged gifts before giving their speeches. We heard from the ambassador on how the collection has affected her directly. Dr Par Kumaraswami also invited other attendees to also share their experiences with the collection.

We thank all the staff, past and present, who have worked on the collection as well as all of our generous donors whose contributions to the collection will always be greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank the team of students working on 'defending the collection' as Dr Par Kumaraswami put it in her speech at the event on Monday.

Posted on Monday 24th April 2023

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