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Weiqun Wang Photograph Accepted into 'Understanding our Multilingual World' Photography Exhibition

Weiqun Wang submitted a photograph of the cambridge rock. On this Stone, casted a stanza from a famous Chinese modern poet, Mr Xu Zhi mo  (徐志摩). The photograph has been chosen to be exhibited in all four cities (Belfast, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Nottingham). You can find the details about the exhibition at

 Xu Zhi Mo, one of China’s foremost poets of the twentieth century, is widely known for his poem (On Leaving Cambridge) composed in 1928 when he was studying in Cambridge as a visiting scholar. His poem was so influential amongst Chinese people that many tourists now visit Cambridge, not just for the prestige and beauty of Cambridge University but also to see the stone on which the poem can be found along the bank of the river Cam behind Kings College where Xu Zhi Mo studied. 



Posted on Monday 30th October 2017

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