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Cinema, Visual and Performing Arts

Our research in the visual and performing arts, and cinema is widespread and excitingly diverse. We work on painting and photography, and on political cartoons.

In the performing arts, we are engaged with music and theatre.

In cinema, our work focuses on individual directors and auteurs, questions of genre, the industry of cinema and the role of translation and subtitling in film. Our research covers these arts across Europe, and in Africa and the Americas.




Research and activities

Current visual culture projects include art theory in seventeenth-century Iberia, German aesthetic theory, visual poetry and the art novel in France, visual art in nation-building in contemporary Spain, Portugal and Lusophone Africa, the history and theory of photography, photography and politics/literary culture in Weimar Germany, France and Russia, political cartoons on the Falklands/Malvinas conflict, visual imagery in political and media discourse in the former Yugoslavia.

Performing arts projects include:

  • English and Spanish Renaissance drama
  • Theatrical rehearsal in contemporary Spain
  • Post-dramatic theatre in Germany, music and poetry in Renaissance practice and theory
  • Zarzuela
  • Russian and Slovenian popular music
  • Jazz in the inter-war French-speaking world.

Film studies projects include:

  • The art and industry of cinema
  • Questions of national identity
  • Heimat
  • History
  • Memory
  • Terrorism and gender in European, Lusophone African, Latin American and Hollywood films
  • Film and popular culture in the ex-Yugoslav and former Soviet regions
  • Film and the concept of the “transoceanic”.

Postgraduate study

Recent and current work includes:

  • The representation of political leadership in French press cartoons
  • The cartoons of the Spanish Civil War and the Cuban Revolution
  • Photography and representation in Vladimir Nabokov’s autobiography
  • The German Lied after Hugo Wolf
  • Music and politics in Portugal and Brazil
  • Lorca’s poetic dialogue with the visual arts and cinema
  • The reception of contemporary extreme cinema in France
  • French postmodern science fiction cinema
  • Representations of female “Muslim” bodies in post-unification German film
  • Soviet influence on Cuban film
  • Narratives about youth in Russian and Serbian filmmaking since the 1990s.  

You can find out more about our postgraduate research opportunities by consulting the online prospectus.

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