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Medieval and Early Modern Studies

A special feature of research in Modern Languages at Nottingham is our strong interest in the Medieval and Early Modern periods, from the tenth through to the late eighteenth century.

Our research covers the culture, literature, art, philosophy, history and intellectual history of several European nations and the New World.

We also work on scholarly editions of key medieval and early modern texts.


Literary studies 


Research and activities

Medieval research includes the saints and relics of the Orthodox world, the relationship between Byzantium and the East Slavs, the history of Spanish oral, scribal and print cultures, criticism of Spanish manuscripts and Spanish books of the Jewish diaspora. We take a leading role in the Institute of Medieval Research.

Research in the Early Modern period spans topics such as:

  • Humanism in Renaissance and Baroque Spain and Germany
  • Renaissance remapping of the world and the European episteme
  • Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century French and Spanish prose, poetry and drama, 'scientific marvels'
  • The work of seventeenth-century German grammarians
  • The library of the Count-Duke of Olivares
  • Hispanic religious painting, art theory and festal culture.

Our eighteenth century work includes:

  • French Enlightenment thought and literature
  • Linguistic corpus research on medical texts
  • Anglo-German cultural transfer
  • The origins of “modernity” in Latin America.

Postgraduate study

Recent and current work in Medieval and Early Modern studies includes:

  • The Orthodox Christian culture of pre-Mongol Rus
  • Womens writing in Renaissance France
  • Late sixteenth-century Spanish treatises on aesthetics
  • The representation of high and low culture in Baroque Madrid
  • The lives and writings of nuns in seventeenth-century Spain
  • The notion of libertinage in seventeenth-century France.

You can find out more about our postgraduate research opportunities by consulting the online prospectus.

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