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Linguistics and Translation Studies

Translation Studies and Linguistics are at the heart of Modern Languages at Nottingham. Our research covers Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Spanish, along with Italian, Arabic and Chinese.

Our expertise ranges from historical and sociolinguistics to applied linguistics, translation, interpreting and research into language teaching. We co-ordinate our research via our Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, and in collaboration with our large Language Centre.

Linguistics and translation studies 

Research and activities

In Linguistics, we have expertise in sociolinguistics (especially French and German), history of languages education, history of linguistics, intercultural communication, corpus linguistics, and discourse analysis.

Current research projects include:

Recent projects include:

In Translation we have particular expertise in Chinese-English, French-English, German-English, Spanish-English translation and in subtitling. Associated research groups include:

Postgraduate study

With its rich portfolio of languages and translation expertise, Nottingham is the ideal place to study translation and linguistics in modern languages.

Recent and current postgraduate projects include:

  • Analysis of Mexican political discourse
  • The history of Latin language teaching, representations of queerness in German and Slovene media
  • Ukrainian in the UK
  • French language purism
  • Subtitling African-American vernacular English into French
  • Fansubbing in China
  • Children’s literature translation
  • Theatre translation in Spain.

You can find out more about our postgraduate research opportunities by consulting the online prospectus.

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