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Crown Agents is an award-winning international not-for-profit social enterprise that works to empower leaders – whether they’re from government, business, working in schools or as local partners - to accelerate self-sufficiency and prosperity for their communities, institutions and countries.

We have 185 years of experience in delivering impact for governments in more than 100 countries across the world to help transform the future for millions of people. We help countries grow their economies, strengthen their systems and provide basic public services more effectively to benefit their citizens.

Our unique social enterprise structure, as an organisation owned by a non-profit foundation, enables us to combine commercial agility with a strong public service ethos.


Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE), located in Dalian, China, was founded in 1952. It serves as a multidisciplinary, teaching-and-research-oriented university focusing on economics, management, law, arts and sciences.

The Law School of DUFE was founded in 2001, offering degrees for undergraduates and and postgraduates. In 2011, the Government Procurement Research Center (GPRC),headed by associate professor Xinglin Zhang who did her PhD research at PPRG, the School of Law, the University of Nottingham, was established at the DUFE Law School. The aim of GPRC is to conduct advanced research on government procurement, especially on legal issues related to government procurement, and develop procurement law modules for law school students. Currently, GPRC has more than 10 members, including 4 associate professors and 5 postgraduates.
After establishment, GPRC members have published many papers, attended and organized academic conferences on government procurement, and undertaken several research projects. For example, Dr. Xinglin Zhang has published some papers on government procurement in both English and Chinese in the UK and in China. Also, she was invited to speak at the “Public Procurement: Global Revolution” conference for several times. In August 2014, GPRC successfully hosted an “International Conference on Government Procurement Law”, inviting procurement academics and lawyers as well as procurement officials from mainland China, Taiwan and the UK to discuss issues related to the revised GPA and the Chinese procurement legal regime. In addition, 3 research projects concerning China’s GPA accession has been finished by GPRC members. For more information about GPRC, please visit:

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Durham University is a world top-100 university and England’s third oldest university. 

Durham Law School is one of the UK's most distinguished law schools, consistently ranking as one of the top five law schools in the UK and ranking in the global top 50-100 of law schools. 
It is one of the leading centres of legal research in the UK with an equally strong commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. Its programmes are highly regarded across the world for their quality, intellectual content and rigour.  

Research undertaken in the School is published at the highest international levels and is influential in law, policy, practice and theoretical development. 
The intellectual community comprises a diverse and international body of academics, many of whom are leaders in their field. 
Leading research centres include:

  • the Institute of Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Law and Global Justice at Durham
  • the Human Rights Centre
  • the Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
  • Gender and Law at Durham
  • the Durham European Law Institute
  • Islam, Law and Modernity
  • the Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences

The Law Faculty at Stockholm University is the leading research facility in Sweden on public procurement legislation.

It has a student course on Swedish and EU public procurement, is the home of STIPP, Stockholm Institute for Public Procurement, and hosts advanced researchers on public procurement.

It is also the base for the Swedish procurement journal Upphandlingsrättslig Tidskrift (UrT).

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PPRC The Public Procurement Research Centre (PPRC) is an interdisciplinary research centre of Utrecht University and the University of Twente. PPRC operates in the field of contracting and procurement in the public sector. Its aim is to generate knowledge and apply this knowledge to improve the utilisation, regulation, promotion and social use of public procurement.
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University of Tartu School of Law is the nr 1 law school in Estonia and ranked among top 300 in the world according to QS Subject Rankings 2019. The school of Law is one of the four oldest faculties of the University of Tartu , where lawyers have been educated since the university was founded in 1632.

The mission of the School of Law  is to ensure the training of highly qualified lawyers and to make sure that research and development is undertaken in all areas of Estonian law. School of Law incorporates the bulk of Estonia’s legal research potential and actively participates in shaping Estonia’s legal policy.

We offer legal studies at all levels of higher education and are the only university in Estonia which awards doctorates in law. We have campuses in Tartu and in Tallinn.  In addition to Estonian language legal studies, School of Law offers 2 Master's programmes in English: Information Technology Law and International Law and Human Rights. School of Law publishes the only Estonian law journal Juridica and its English edition Juridica International, which introduces Estonian legal order and development of legal thought to foreign readers.

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