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Language Partner Programme

Nottingham Confucius Institute has been running the Language Partner Programme since 2009. It aims to pair up students to practice spoken Chinese and English. Both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking students interested in improving their language skills are welcome to join.

The programme is open to current University of Nottingham staff and students as well as members of the general public who are learning Mandarin at the Nottingham Confucius Institute.

Here are some of the their comments on the programme:

It's a chance not only to practice what you have learnt in class but also enhance your fluency and understanding of spoken Chinese and be exposed to native spoken Chinese. It is interesting to gain a different perspective into learning language from a native Chinese speaker.



I think it's a great opportunity to practice not only the language we are learning, but to help us understand each other's cultural nuances. It's so great that we do it in a relaxed fashion rather than in a classroom environment.



To join the programme. all you need to do is to register your interest with us by completing the language partner registration form online.

We will contact you as soon as we can find you a potential language partner, and welcome you to practice languages with your partner at the Mandarin Corner.

Mandarin Corner

Mandarin Corner

Mandarin Corner



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