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Drawing upon the resources of The University of Nottingham and its partner universities Fudan University and Beijing Language and Culture University, the Nottingham Confucius Institute Teacher Training Centre was established in September 2015 to provide professional development opportunities for Mandarin language teaching professionals, including local Chinese teachers, researchers and Confucius Institute directors and teachers selected by Hanban to work across the UK and Europe. Supported by Hanban, its mission is to create a platform for disseminating high-quality research and exchanging the latest ideas related to Chinese language teaching.

Past events:

A variety of international teacher training programmes and events have been organised including:  

  • Annual Teacher Training Day for Local Teachers in July 2017 and 2018, Each event ran for the whole day and attracted 30 people, including teachers and students from local primary and secondary schools, Nottingham Confucius Institute and Nottingham’s School of Education.
  • 'The BCLTS Symposium on Chinese Teaching' at The University of Nottingham in April 2016, jointly organised by Nottingham Confucius Institute, the British Chinese Language Teaching Society and Beijing Language and Culture University. The symposium provided a platform for local Chinese teachers in the UK to discuss current issues and exchange ideas on Chinese teaching. The conference programme is available to view here.
  • 'The UK Confucius Institute Directors Roundtable Meeting' was also held in April 2016. Around 20 directors from Confucius Institutes across the UK gathered at NCI to discuss issues regarding sustainable development and management at Confucius Institutes.
  • The 'Symposium on Aiding CI Teacher Integration into the British Education System' in October 2016 was designed to help Chinese teachers at Confucius Institutes across the UK gain a better understanding of British culture and the UK education system, thus enabling them to settle in the UK and teach Mandarin to native English speakers more effectively. Over 70 participants also had in-depth discussions on how to promote Chinese language tests and how to promote teaching and learning through testing. The conference programme is available to view here.
Comments from event attendees:

“I found the conference really interesting and enjoyed it thoroughly”

“I learnt a whole new perspective from the conference”

“We enjoyed our visit to your campus and we've learned a lot from those presentations. Thanks for your hospitality and your generous sharing. Nottingham is great!”

“We had a great experience, learned a lot and made new friends!”

“Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful event for us”

“You and your colleagues in Nottingham organized an excellent conference. What a great place to visit!”

“Thank you for arranging a wonderful conference and thank you for your hospitality, we are very impressed by your arrangements”

“All presentations are very informative and original”


If you are interested in finding out more about what we offer or getting involved in our activities, please email us.

Directors Roundtable April 2016

BCLTS Symposium April 2016

NCI Symposium Oct 2016

Keynote speech by Prof N Mclelland



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