Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade


The Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade (CREDIT) was founded in 1988 and provides a focus for staff with a primary or significant research interest in development economics (as of 2007 this comprised Appleton, Bleaney, Dasgupta, Lloyd, Milner, Morgan, Morrissey, Owens).

The focus of research interests has changed over time. In the period 2000-05, the dominant research themes were in capital flows to developing countries, especially aid (Morrissey with active involvement of Lloyd and External Research Fellows - Lensink, McGillivray, Hansen, Tarp), trade policy (Milner, McKay, Morrissey, Morgan with Laird) and poverty (Appleton, Owens), with smaller themes in macroeconomics (Bleaney and Morrissey) and theory (Dasgupta with Kanbur).

Most themes incorporated PhD students, and much of the activity is reflected in CREDIT Research Papers published during the period. Although specific interests have changed, these broad themes continue (see Research Interests).

Research funders

Since 2000, CREDIT has secured research funding from ESRC, the World Bank, the EU (under FP6) and DfID (including a £0.5 million Programme Grant managed from Nottingham and involving colleagues at CSAE in Oxford and a £0.3 million grant as part of a consortium with Cambridge and Sheffield). In addition, many commissioned studies have been undertaken for Commonwealth Secretariat, DfID, EC, FAO, UNCTAD, UNIDO, UNRISD and the World Bank.

External researchers

CREDIT has a network of External Research Fellows including Kanbur (Cornell), Lensink (Groningen), Hansen and Tarp (Copenhagen), Fielding and Knowles (Otago), McKay (since he moved to Sussex) and McGillivray (WIDER, now with AusAid) who collaborate with Nottingham staff and are or were regular visitors to the Centre. The CREDIT Research paper series, to which External Fellows also contribute, publishes some 20 papers each year; revised versions of most subsequently appear as academic publications.

Commissioned studies

In recent years staff have undertaken commissioned studies for, or been invited speakers or presenters at workshops organised by, Commonwealth Secretariat (Milner, Morgan, Morrissey), DFID (Appleton, Morrissey, Owens), European Commission (Milner, Morrissey), FAO (Morrissey), UNCTAD (Milner, Morrissey), UNECA (Milner), UNIDO (Morrissey), UNRISD (Morrissey), World Bank (Appleton, Morrissey), World Trade Forum (Morrissey). Morrissey is a resource person for the African Economic Research Consortium, regularly attending their biannual meetings.


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