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Internal Research Fellows


External Research Fellows

CREDIT has a network of External Research Fellows who collaborate with Nottingham staff and are or were regular visitors to the Centre:

  • Hayatullah Ahmadzai - agriculture productivity, Afghanistan
  • Salamat Ali - (Commonwealth Secretariat) - trade policy and performance
  • Charles Ackah - (ISSER, University of Ghana) - household analysis
  • Ronelle Burger (Stellenbosch University) - NGOs and development
  • Livini Donath (University of Dar-es-Salaam) - Labour Markets, Education
  • Rumman Khan (University of Keele) -  income diversification in Uganda
  • Stephen Knowles - (University of Otago) - inequality and growth
  • Tyler Kustra (School of Politics) – impact of sanctions 
  • Robert Lensink - (University of Groningen) - microfinance, investment
  • Vincent Leyaro - (University of Dar-es-Salaam) - household analysis
  • Jayant Menon (Asian Development Bank) - international trade, international finance
  • Andrew Mold - (UNECA, Rwanda) - trade
  • Lionel Roger (Ministry of Finance, Zimbabwe) - macroeconomic policy and spatial development
  • David Mmpolewa (Botswana Institute of Development Policy Research) – health, HIV/AIDS
  • Robert Osei - (ISSER, University of Ghana) - macroeconomic effects of aid
  • Evious Zgovu (independent) - trade and trade policy


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