Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade

User Engagement and Policy Work

In the early 2000s, CREDIT work concentrated on trade policy and aid. Milner and Morrissey's work on trade and transport costs informed DFID policy analysis (cited in the 2001 White Paper); Morrissey and Lloyds' work on the fiscal effects of aid also informed policy-makers in DFID and was cited in the Report of the Commission for Africa . CREDIT staff were also involved in a number of studies on Sustainability Impact Assessment of trade policy for the European Commission. Recent user engagement reflects CREDIT's research orientation.

The work on trade policy (predominantly Milner and Morrissey) included research and commissions on the impact of EU- ACP EPAs (funded by the European Commission), the Doha WTO negotiations (including work for FAO) and trade policy reform in Africa (including a paper for the African Development Bank). In this work, Milner has presented to the Commonwealth Secretariat and training course for trade policy makers in Africa (including at UNECA), Morrissey to the EC (meetings and an open seminar in Brussels ) and FAO (including chapters in two FAO published volumes during the period).

The second major theme is aid policy, all involving Morrissey, incorporating aid effectiveness (developing a DFID-funded project), aid and fiscal behaviour (developing WIDER-supported work) and conditionality (contributions to policy workshops for UNCTAD, UNRISD and the World Bank).

The third major theme is household survey and poverty analysis, often supported by or linked to World Bank projects and/or Statistics Bureau in the relevant countries (eg Uganda for Appleton and Tanzania for Owens). Morrissey undertook the Tanzania study in a World Bank project on measuring distortions to agriculture as a background input to the 2007 World Development Report.

CREDIT staff are also involved in editing a number of journals, and serve on the Editorial Boards of many others. Bleaney is an editor of the Journal of African Economies and Economics Bulletin, and Morrissey is an Editor of the Journal of Development Studies and Development Policy Review.


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