Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade

PhD Students

There are many research students on development economics topics; typically, CREDIT staff supervise over 20 PhD students at any time. Past students have joined the World Bank, the IMF and lectureships in the UK, while the many international students have returned to research positions in Central Banks or University posts in their home country (eg Chile, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda).

Students are included on this list on the basis that their research area falls within the international development remit (not because they necessarily have an association with CREDIT). Some may also be associated with another Centre.

Current and recent students

  • Abubakar, Aisha
  • Abudu, Derrick Sadat
  • Afzal, Uzma
  • Ahmadzai, Hayatullah
  • Ali, Salmat
  • Bandara, Nirodha
  • Boulay, Basile
  • Cain, Donneil
  • Chapman, Geoffrey Scott
  • Dang, Canh Thien
  • Donath, Livini
  • Fromell, Hanna
  • Golman, Matias 
  • Kaminchia, Sheila Mwendwa
  • Jesus Rodriguez
  • Khan, Rumman
  • Matta, Samer
  • Mbu Enow Tagem, Abrams
  • Mumini, Zakari
  • Mmopelwa, David
  • Motswagon, Madedi
  • Ngoma, Cleopatra
  • Roopnarine, Karin
  • Saldana, Miriam
  • Scott, Douglas Craig
  • Tedeschi, Gian Luca
  • Vinod, Athira 
  • Wasswa, Gabriel


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