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Two students sitting outside the Trent Building, University Park Campus

Your general health 

Whilst at University you need to take responsibility for your health, this means getting the right balance between lifestyle, work and study. Both the University and local health services offer a wide range of support services that are available to you during your time here.


Register with a GP


You should register with a doctor as soon as possible when you arrive at University. 

The University of Nottingham Health Service (UNHS) is conveniently situated on University Park and specialises in looking after students and staff as well as their families. 

You can register with the centre if you live within the catchment area.

If you live outside this area (which includes the majority of Sutton Bonington students) you can visit the NHS Choices site to find your local health centre.

NHS Services


Feeling unwell? If you're not sure where to go for help, find out how to get the right care quickly via NHS Nottingham City.

You can also visit NHS Direct to check your symptoms online, and for information and reassurance.

International students

In the UK you need to register with an NHS doctor. It is important to do this on arriving at university, failure to do so can occasionally result in difficulty accessing free healthcare.

For more information on healthcare in the UK, visit our International students pages.




We strongly recommend that you are up to date with all vaccinations before coming to university. Some illnesses that spread quickly amongst large groups of people can be easily prevented by vaccinations given routinely to children and young adults. For UK residents, the vaccinations include: 

  • two doses of the MMR vaccine  
  • School leaving booster course
  • HPV vaccine (female only)

Meningitis and scepticaemia

If you were born after September 1995, you should have received a MenC vaccine as a child. However, over time your immunity to the disease will have decreased.  You're also more at risk of getting meningitis just after starting university as you will be mixing closely with lots of people who may unknowingly be carrying the meningococcal bacteria.

The Government recommends that new university starters born after September 1995 should recieve the MenC vaccination before starting university in September. Older students who had the vaccine at school will still be protected and shouldn't need a booster.

It is recommended that you get the vaccine two weeks before you start university, however you will also be to get the vaccine once you register at the University of Nottingham Health Service during freshers' week.

Sutton Bonington

If you’re moving in to accommodation at Sutton Bonington please note that you won’t be able to register at The University of Nottingham Health Service. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you receive your vaccines, including meningitis C booster, before coming to University.

This NHS leaflet provides more information regarding meningitis and septicaemia.

If you are unsure whether you have had any of these vaccinations then you should ask your doctor. All of these vaccines are available at The University of Nottingham Health Service.

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