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We have a number of research students in the school. You can view their profiles below. You can also view our PhD students' career destinations to see where our students have worked since completing their PhDs.

Current research students
NameProject title
Year one
Malena Arcidiacono Public Spending and Youth Voting Behaviour in Argentina
Fabrizio Ardiles Decker Welfare Gains of Joining a Monetary Union
Taufiq Bid Mohd Zin Fixed vs Countercyclical LTV Ration: The Effectiveness of Macroprudential Policy for a Small Open
Lucas Braga de Melo Intergovernmental Transfer Spillovers on the Labour Market
Selim Elbadri A Service-Led Growth Escalator? Innovation, Imitation and Prospects for Productivity Growth in the 'Service Economy'
Tong Fang Belief Updating and Strategic Sophistication
Pierce Gately Rule Following and Cooperation
Yifan Li The Role of Advice: An Experimental Study of Inertia and Reinforcement Heuristic in Decision Making
Andres Martignano Mass Migration in Argentina: A Study on the Effects of Migrants on Argentine Politics
Jesus Rodriguez Evaluating Tax Expenditures in Advanced and Emerging Economies: Using Text Data and Machine Learning Tools
Juan Siachoque The Wage Growth Penalty of Informal Employment
Year two
Matias Golman The Economics of Volunteering: Measurement Techniques and Labour Outcomes
Hun Jang Analysis on the Effects of Housing Relevant Taxationas a Macroprudential Policy Tool
Guido Lamarmora Structural Change and Innovation
Hyunkang Lim How Do Capital Controls and Macroprudential Policy Interact with Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy?
Sungwon Moon On-the-Job Search, Precautionary Savings and the Progressivity of Income Taxes
Cleopatra Ngoma Structural Changes and Monetary Policy Transmission in Developing Countries
Miquel Oliver i Vert Globalisation and Intangibles
Maria Agustina Sampaolesi Self-Fulfilling Crisis and Firm Heterogeneity
Marcelo Woo Value of Information under Groupthink
Lanlan Wu Global Supply Chain and The Comparative Advantage of Firms
Year three
Basim Alandijany Leadership and Collective Action Problems
Georg Sator Morality and Social Norms in Economic Decision-Making
Year four
Cristina Griffa How Do UK Firms Form Inflation Beliefs? Evidence from Micro Data
Patrick Maus Essays on Social Comparisons and Economic Behaviour
Lara Suraci Delegation Preferences - Computers vs Humans
Benjamin Tatlow Exploring Explosive Asset Behaviour in High-Frequency Data
Sam van de Schootbrugge Fiscal Policy and Growth
Athira Vinod Privatisation of Education in India
Writing up
Diana Beltekian Essays on Trade and Development
Yulin Bian Time Series, Factor Model
Anna Hochleitner Status and Decision Making
Wenjiao Hu Applied Time Series Analysis for the Automatic Stabilisers
Gabriele Lucchetti Migration Effects on Labour Markets and Preferences
Diego Marino-Fages Migration and Trust
Luis Matto Pérez The Dutch Disease and the Challenges for the Monetary Policy in Latin American Countries
Chrysanthos Vasileiou Investigating Life Satisfaction
Yuliet Verbel Bustamante Anti-Social Preferences Explored through Behavioural and Experimental Economics
Wenxiao Dong Essays on International Trade, Resource Misallocation and Productivity
Syed Kazmi Why Are Factor Shares No Longer Constant? A Look into The Stylized Kaldor Facts
Thomas Chen Government Policy, Trade and Renewable Energy Market Dynamics

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