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From the first session, I had a strong feeling that this course is what I was really looking for. I have been learning different theories and concepts of leadership in education; we have been discussing academic papers and case-studies on the issues of educational leadership, organisational and individual development, and practice-based inquiry. 

The group work was just amazing. I think we have been mutually benefited from the group learning and interaction. For instance, I have conducted interviews with my classmates for my research module where I studied the effect of the leadership programme on the students' perception of themselves as leaders. My peers were my 'critical friends' when I was planning and preparing interview questions for my inquiry.

While working on my assignments, I have tried to make them more relevant to the current issues in education development of my country, and apply knowledge I gained here appropriately. For example, I took into account the shift towards autonomy in higher education of Kazakhstan when trying to make implications for the leadership of higher education institutions in one of my essays.

Moreover, I started to keep my learning journal where I reflect on challenges of studying, assignment progress, and goals to achieve. This activity was new for me and I found it very useful from the personal development perspective.

The teachers of our programme have been really helpful from the very beginning. I can honestly say that we have been challenged, supported and encouraged by our tutors. Every time we had a discussion or a tutorial it has inspired me a lot. I think that our tutors are the most powerful advantage of this programme. All the learning materials were based on empirical research and our tutors have conducted and published such research.

Overall, I believe that I have been broadening my horizons and strengthening my skills and abilities in terms of educational leadership and research. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues and friends.

Aidar Abrayev

I had been working in leadership positions in universities and businesses for over a decade before returning to university for a postgraduate degree. I wanted to figure out if I should change my career to that of a scholar, stay in education and add some leadership skills or return to entrepreneurship.

My time at Nottingham helped me accomplish this. While I thoroughly enjoyed the studies, and learned a lot, I also realised that my entrepreneurial zeal of 'creating something new with others' was greater than my thirst for knowledge.

I am back being an entrepreneur, and having more leadership skills definitely helped. This summer, my husband and I started our own company in Switzerland called ASCENDANCY Transformational Services GmbH. We are excited about this journey, which includes identifying suitable technologies and developing programmes to help transferring them to businesses that benefit from them.

Our current large project, World of Smart Homes, is to design and build factories that manufacture residential housing for the Middle East. We want to build better homes, faster, cheaper and more sustainably (increasing sustainability both during the construction cycle as well as for their usage lifecycle).

The best part of Nottingham was the flexibility, the ability to study during the summer months when I was able to take time off from work at the university. While it was difficult to leave my family for a whole month at a time, it was doable. The next best part were some of the professors/lecturers who were inspiring and real capacities in their fields.

Pernilla Olabi-Vogt


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