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Louise Briggs

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Louise Briggs is part of the Advanced Materials Research Group specialising in Cell Culture, teaching assays to Undergraduate, Masters and Post-graduate students.

Louise Briggs studied Sport & Exercise Science at Nottingham Trent University and developed a keen interest in nutrition and exercise physiology. After graduating she worked for a UKAS accredited pharmaceutical company specialising in sterility testing of medical devices and cytotoxic drugs, the evaluation of water quality, environmental monitoring and bacterial identification and assessing the effectiveness of antimicrobial devices.

Louise then went on to work for The University of Nottingham as a Research Technician in Oncology focusing in cell culture where she honed her skills. After her contract ended she moved into Quality Assurance in a GLP Scientific auditor role working alongside QA management, Study Directors, laboratory staff, Pathologists, Health & Safety Officers and the MHRA. She conducted internal laboratory and systems audits on the following studies; biodegradation, ecotoxicology, reproductive, teratology, genetic toxicology, physicochemical testing and analytical chemistry and assisted in the planning, conducting, recording and reviewing of routine and study specific internal audits to meet GLP requirements.

Louise returned to research accepting the role of Research Technician in the School of Medicine, where she was a member of an international multi-disciplinary team of life scientists and clinical academics looking at the cellular and molecular basis of pregnancy and related processes. She was part of the study team coordinating and collecting samples for The Obstetric Cholestasis Clinical Research study headed by Professor Catherine Williamson at King's College London.

Research Summary

Louise is currently investigating the alterations in antioxidant micronutrients (Se, Cu, Zn & Mn) in Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy alongside Dr Hiten Mistry (King's College London).

Selected Publications

Past Research

Louise has assisted with the following studies and liaised /project managed with trial coordinators, academics and multidisciplinary teams:

  • Nurturing and development of pregnancies - understanding the genetics of pregnancy and setting up a biobank (The University of Nottingham)
  • The BHF funded Salt in Pregnancy Study (The University of Nottingham)
  • Obstetric Cholestasis Clinical Research Study (King's College London & The University of Nottingham)

Conference Abstract Publications

  1. Comparison of in vitro pre-eclampsia (PE) cell models with PE placental tissue. Kallol, S., Briggs, L. V., Mistry, H. D., Moser, R., Schneider, H. & Albrecht, C., Aug 2019, In : Placenta. 83, p. E104-E104.
  2. Increase expression of placental oxidative stress and reduced antioxidant markers in post-term deliveries. Simpson, A., Briggs, L., Kurlak, L. & Mistry, H., Aug 2019, In : Placenta. 83, p. E99-E99.
  3. Reduced concentration trace element selenium in placentae from women with pre-eclampsia; Influence of fetal sex. Kurlak, L. O., Scaife, P. J., Briggs, L. V., Pipkin, F. B., Gardner, D. S. & Mistry, H. D., Mar 2019, In : Reproductive Sciences. 26, p. 181A-181A.
  4. Reduced sodium concentration in placentae from women with pre-eclampsia. Scaife, P. J., Kurlak, L. O., Briggs, L. V., Pipkin, F. B., Gardner, D. S., Mohaupt, M. G. & Mistry, H. D., Mar 2019, In : Reproductive Sciences. 26, p. 363A-363A.

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