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Mohamed Gadi

Associate Professor, MSc Course Director & Admissions Tutor (REA), Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering



Dr Mohamed Gadi is part of the Buildings, Energy and Environment Research Group.

Brief Bio, and Esteem Indicators.

Dr Gadi holds a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Architecture and Urban Planning and a Master's degree (MPhil) and a Doctoral degree PhD in Architectural Science, Renewable Energy Technology Modeling and Software Programming/Engineering.

In 2017 Dr Gadi received Fazlur Rahman Khan Award for " Excellence in Engineering, Science and Technology". The glittering award ceremony was held in London and attended by Members of UK Parliament and included a special video message from the UK Prime Minister at the time.

In 1998, Dr Gadi was awarded the Gold Medal for best research work on energy modeling presented at the international Energex'98 conference. The conference was attended by about 400 experts from over 50 countries. He developed, modeled and tested a Novel Energy Conscious Building-integrated System for Low Cost Housing, for which he was awarded the Gold Medal. Dr Gadi delivered his first conference speech at the UNESCO in Paris in 1989.

He has to date successfully supervised over 20 Doctoral (PhD) Theses and over 80 MSc/MEng/BEng dissertations, in the fields of Building Energy, Computer Modeling and Software Engineering. He was also invited to examine a number of Doctoral (PhD) theses at universities in the UK and India.

He has so far written and published over 80 research papers/articles on renewable energy and architecture, computer modeling and software engineering and postgraduate education. He has also contributed to two books, one entitled "Energy200, State-of-Art", which was published in USA in 2000 and a second on Building Materials and Environmental Performance, published in UK in 2010. Dr Gadi visited eighteen countries and presented his research at thirteen international conferences world-wide.

In 1990, Dr Gadi was invited to join a team of experts to deliver an International Workshop on Housing in Developing Countries organized by the United Nations' Centre for Human Settlements. He was also invited to deliver training international workshops on energy and architecture. He was also invited to deliver a number Keynote and Guest lectures at universities in UK, USA, Latin America and the Middle East. These included the Laurence Berkley Laboratory at California University, and Arizona State University, USA. He was invited to chair conference sessions and was also selected as a member of International Advisory Committees at international conferences, worldwide. He has been a Fellow of the International Energy Foundation (IEF) for over 20 years.

Dr Gadi has also been invited by major world publishers to review and evaluate new books on building energy and also review new research papers/articles submitted for publication at international conferences and international journals. Dr Gadi is an active member of the Editorial Boards for a number of international Journals. He was invited to review new research proposals submitted for funding by research funding originations in the UK and other countries.


Teaches the following postgraduate modules ( 60 credits ):

  • - Wind Environment 3D Simulation in Architecture (20 credits)
  • - Passive Solar Design Principles and Simulations (10 credits)
  • - Climate Responsive Building Design Project (10 credits)
  • - Building Energy Performance Rating and Programming (20 credits)

Administrative Roles

  • - Director of the MSC course Renewable Energy & Architecture
  • - Admissions Tutor of the MSC course Renewable Energy and Architecture
  • - Personal Tutor for a number of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

New Computer Software

Dr Gadi Developed a number of computer programs for energy related research and teaching including :-.

  • - BTS
  • - WINCOM

Dr Gadi Teaches Computer Programming at Postgraduate Level.

Published Computer Software

Some of the software produced as part of MSc and PhD theses supervised by Dr Gadi

  • - COMFORT (PhD) See publication No 1
  • - BTS (PhD) See publication No 2
  • - COURTSUN (PhD) See publication No 3
  • - CURVEX (PhD) See publication No 4
  • - THERCOM (MSc) See publication No 5
  • - COMDEX (MSc) See publication No 6
  • - GLOBCOM (MSc) See publication No 7

1. Gadi, Mohamed B,(2000), " COMFORT, a New Computer Programme for the Prediction and Analysis of Human Thermal Comfort.", Journal of Applied Energy. VOL 64; NO 1-4 ; Pages: 315-320

2. Gadi, Mohamed B., (2000), " New Computerised Tools for Building Design in different Climates", International Journal of Ambient Energy. VOL 21; PART 4 ; Pages: 171-178

3. Muhaisen, Ahmed and Gadi Mohamed B, (2004) "A New Computer Model for Solar Radiation Calculation in Courtyard Buildings with different Forms ",Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies. Nottingham, UK.

4.MASHINA, G. AND GADI, M, (2010). Calculating direct solar radiation on vaulted roofs using a new computer technique. In: W. TIZANI, ed., Computing in Civil and Building Engineering Nottingham University Press. Paper 195, p. 389 - 394

5. Hanan Al-Khatri and Mohamed B Gadi, (2014), Using a New Programme (THERCOM) to Predict Thermal Comfort as a Base to Design Energy Efficient Buildings.International Journal of Students' Research in Technology & Management, Vol 2 (05), August-September 2014,ISSN 2321-2543,pg172-177.

6. Jerusha N. Ngungui and Mohamed B. Gadi, (2015), Development of a new computer model (COMDEX) for predicting thermal comfort in different climates using the Visual Basic programming language. Proceedings of 5th International Conference: People and Buildings, UK.

7. AHMED AHMED and MOHAMED B. GADI, (2017). A New Global Thermal Comfort Assessment Software "GlobCom In: Proceedings of 7th International Conference: People and Buildings. 10 (In Press.)

Samples of Research Grant:

Grant 1 : Principal Investigator : Dr M B Gadi Research Title : Fluidized-PCM Glazed Energy Storage System Source : EPSRC ( UK ) Value : £ 57,652 Start Date : completed

Grant 2 : Co-Investigators : Dr M B Gadi , et al. Research Title : (JERI) Research Equipment for the Eco-house Source : EPSRC ( UK ) Value : £ 107,500 Start Date : Completed

Grant 3 Co-Investigator : Dr M B Gadi , et.al. Research Title : Platform Grant Source : EPSRC ( UK ) Value : £ 439,395 Start Date : Completed

Sample Invited Keynotes:

  • - International Conference on Desert Architecture, Institute of Jordanian Engineers, Jordan 2011.
  • - International Engineering Conference, Institute of Libyan Engineers and Architects, Libya, 2013

Sample Invited Guest Lectures:

  • - Arizona State University, USA, 1994.
  • - Lawrence Berkley Laboratory, California University, USA, 1994.
  • - Ajman University, UAE, 2000.
  • - Universidad del Bio Bio, Chile, 2003
  • - MISR International University, Egypt, 2005 and BArch External Examiner.
  • - University of Science and Technology, Amman, Jordan, 2011.
  • - Tripoli University, Libya 2002.
  • - Zawia University, Libya 2013.

Editorial Board Membership:

Invited and active member of the Editorial Boards for the following Journals.

  • - International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies.
  • - International Journal of Sustainable Buildings,
  • - International Journal of Advances in Energy Research.

International Fellowships:

Member of the International Energy Foundation (IEF), since 1993.

Prestigious Awards: (Click on any award for more details)

PhD External Examiner at a number of institutions in UK and India:

Externally examined 18 PhD students.

  • - De Monfort University, UK
  • - Sheffield University. UK
  • - Dundee University, UK
  • - Edinburgh Napier University, UK
  • - Mumbai University, India
  • - Reading University, UK
  • - Nottingham Trent University
  • - Liverpool University

International Journal Reviewer

Invited to review papers for the following International Journals:

  • - Journal of Intelligent Buildings International
  • - International Journal of Architectural Engineering and Design Management.
  • - International Journal of Fuel Processing Technology,
  • - International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies
  • - International Journal of Sustainable Cities & Society
  • - International Journal of Energy and Buildings
  • - International Journal of Building and Environment
  • - International Journal of Smart and Sustainable Built Environment
  • - International Journal of Applied Energy.
  • - International Journal of Energies.

International Conference Reviewer:

Invited to review papers for the following international conferences :

  • - International Conference on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development (Jordan 2010),
  • - International Conference on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design in Malaysia 2012,
  • - International Conference on Sustainable Environment in Mediterranean Region, Italy, 2012.
  • - International Conference on Livable Cities,Malaysia 2015,

Membership of International Conference Steering/Scientific Committee :

  • - International Conference on Energy Research, S. Korea, 2013
  • - 3rd International Symposium on Engineering, Energy and Environment, Thailand, 2013
  • - International Conference on Livable Cities, Malaysia 2012, 2013, 2014,2015

Book Reviews: Invited to review the following two books

  • - Solar Home Design Manual for Cold Climates, by Elsevier Science Publishers, 2012.
  • - Architect's Design Energy Simulation Handbook by Routledge, Taylor and Francis, 201
  • - Building Design, Construction and Performance in Tropical Climates, Routledge, Taylor and Francis, 2016

Book Chapters Contributions: Contributed chapters in the following two books

  • - GADI, M.B., 2010. Application of design and passive technologies for thermal comfort in buildings in hot and tropical climates. In: HALL, M., ed., Materials for energy efficiency and thermal comfort in buildings Woodhead Publishing. 681-708.
  • - Gadi, Mohamed B., (2000), " Energy and Architecture ", Book Chapter in Energy State of the Art 2000, edited by Peter Catania, Balaban Publishers.

International Research Reviewer:

Invited to review research proposals for the following :

  • - Research Proposals for the Government of Brunei, 2009. Reviewed Research Proposal for the
  • - Leverhulme trust, 2013.Invited to be reviewer for the Qatar National Research Foundation, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.


  • - Member of the Regional Advisory Network, Nottingham University, 2012-15.

Other Academic Activities:

  • - Invited to chair sessions at international conferences in China an S.Korea and to organize training workshops in Libya and USA.

Successfully Supervised PhD Theses : - ( as the main supervisor, with 80% supervision load).

  • 1 - Elseragy, A. Ahmed. (Completed in January, 2004).
  • 2 - Al-Qeeq, Farid. (Completed in February, 2004),.
  • 3 - Pruitipong Thaicham, (Completed in May, 2004).
  • 4 - Muhaisen, S. Ahmed. (Completed in March, 2005).
  • 5 - Al Sousi, R. Mohamed. (Completed in March, 2005)
  • 6 - Waheeb, Sahl. (Completed in January 2006)
  • 7 - Abelwaifa, Ali, (Completed in May 2006)
  • 8 - Asfour, R. Omar. (Completed in September, 2006)
  • 9 - Abu Bakar, Aniza, (Completed in September, 2007)
  • 10 - Mashina, Giamal, (Completed in 2009)
  • 11 - Veiga, Patricia Veloco, (Completed in 2009)
  • 12 - Saleh, Sanaa, (Completed in 2010).
  • 13 - Sufeljen, Abdusalam, (Completed in 2014).
  • 14 - Elaiab. Fatima, (Completed in 2014).
  • 15 - Ab.ghafar , Norafida , (Completed in 2014).
  • 16 - Alwetaishi, Mamdooh, (Completed in 2015).
  • 17 - Shohan , Ahmed , (Completed in 2015).
  • 18 - Alwetaishi, Mamdooh, (Completed in 2017)
  • 19 - Al-Khatri, Hanan, (Completed in 2019)
  • 20 - Srithongchai, Thanun, (Completed in 2019)
  • 21 - Alaboud, Mosaab, (Completed in 2021)
  • 22 - ADINUGROHO, T. P, (Completed in 2021)

Currently Supervised PhD Theses:

  • - Currently supervises ten (10) PhD theses as the first/main supervisor with 80% supervision Load.

Successfully Supervised Dissertations :

  • - Successfully supervised over 80 MSc/MArch/MEng/BEng dissertations.

Research Summary

I welcome enquiries from potential PhD candidates from Home, EU and international countries who are interested in the following research areas: Renewable energy and sustainable architecture; Computer… read more

Selected Publications

  • GADI, M.B., 2010. Application of design and passive technologies for thermal comfort in buildings in hot and tropical climates. In: HALL, M., ed., Materials for energy efficiency and thermal comfort in buildings Woodhead Publishing. 681-708
  • PATRICIA VELOSO DA VEIGA and MOHAMED B GADI, 2009. Living on the Slope: learning from Encosta do Bom-Jesus,Braga, Portugal In: SET2009 - 8th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies. Aachen, Germany, 31st August to 3rd September 2009. 6 pages
  • M. DE CASTRO and M. B. GADI, 2016. Effect of slope angle on energy performance of ground-integrated buildings on slope terrain International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning. 12 (In Press.)
  • ABU BAKAR, A. and MOHAMED B. GADI, 2016. URBAN OUTDOOR THERMAL COMFORT OF THE HOT-HUMID REGION: This paper won Best Paper Award for Sustainability Innovation In: 13 (In Press.)

This is an extract from an interesting article published in the World University News on 24 February 2024, with the title "Here's what international students say makes a good lecturer"

Through interviews with 59 international students from 20 different countries, with a strong Asian representation corresponding with the overall international student demographics in the UK, we gained some very valuable insights into students' perceptions of what makes a good university lecturer, with dominating themes as below:

  • A good university lecturer is kind, gentle, respectful, friendly and non-threatening to students.
  • A good university lecturer is passionate, sincere, supportive and always willing to help students.
  • A good university lecturer has patience and an empathetic ability to understand each student's psychology, situation and challenges.
  • A good university lecturer has good pedagogical competence and communication skills in helping students understand curriculum contents easily.
  • A good university lecturer is humorous and creative, with the ability to create an interactive and joyful learning atmosphere and the ability to inspire and motivate all students to learn and be creative.

Here is some evidence, from Nottingham University:

SET, SEM and students comments

These are samples of results from Students Evaluation of my Teaching (SET) and Students Evaluation of my Modules (SEM)

Spring and Autumn 2021-22 - SEM results

During 2021-22, Dr Gadi delivered four MSc RE&A modules (60 credits, 2 autumn and 2 spring). Modules involved teaching and using advanced engineering software packages.

  • - Average SEM score for the four modules was 99.2%.
  • - Average survey completion for the four modules was 82%.

Students Exact Comment:

  • - "teacher is very conscientious and staminal. He always encourages us and make class active."

Spring 2020: - ( Module :- ABEE4100- Computer Programming based, 10 credits )

  • - SET Score = 97.3%
  • - Student Survey Completion Rate: 90.91%

Students Exact Comment:.

  • - " The more I have met him and had the privilege to be one of his students, the more I realize how lucky I am. Professors like Mohamed are very rare. He is very engaged with making the masters experience the best for each of his students, encouraging us to learn, study, compete and motivate the rest of the group. He makes sure that we all keep up with the lectures and encourages us to be our best selves at university and personal life. I can say with certainty that I have learned from him more than I would have ever expected. He is the heart of this masters. "

Autumn 2019:- ( Module :- ABEE4102 - CFD based, using Ansys software - 20 credits )

  • - SET score = 98.0%
  • - Student Survey Completion Rate: 90.91%

Exact students comments

  • - "Mohammed is undeniably enthusiastic, helpful and efficient at teaching"
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • - "At the beginning was confusing because is a lot of new information. But later on the lectures help you gain confidence and make you want to learn more. The motivation is also great too, the challenges and the continues motivation messages make you push yourself and train."
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • - "Dr Gadi is extremely patient to make sure that every student can apply the CFD software. He also encourage us to practice the software in very enjoyable way, for example, he organised a CFD competition which inspire everyone's enthusiasm in learning this course."
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • - "Mr Mohamed is a perfect professor with a warm heart. On the one hand, he can help us no matter what happens and give us as much help as he can. On the other hand, he is a teacher allow students to ask academic question at any time and explain to us in details. He is the best tutor I met in our university."

Autumn 2018:- ( Module :- K14VAP - CFD based, using Ansys software - 30 credits )

  • SET score = 95.4% (24.08/25)
  • Student Survey Completion Rate: 100 %

Exact students comments.

  • - "Prof Mohammed Bashir Gadi really care about his student because of him. I think Improve a lot than before not only academic but also physical and metal mind. He give us a lot of motivation and so energetic and helpful whenever we need help."
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • - "Lecturer is really warm and friendly, kind and helpful whenever we need help."
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • - "Mr Gadi's Tutor have valuable information about the course and it is really helpful every time is needed."
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • - "Useful knowledge, nice teacher, nice lecture."
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • - "We have developed our skills using ANSYS in only a few weeks."

Autumn 2017:- ( Module :- K14VAP - CFD based, using Ansys software - 30 credits )

  • - SET score = 96.6 % (24.31/25)
  • - Student Survey Completion Rate: 92.86 %

Exact students comments.

  • - "best lecture ever have."
  • --------------------------------------------
  • - "The best tutor I have ever met!"
  • --------------------------------------------
  • - "Best lecturer ever seen"
  • --------------------------------------------
  • - "Thanks for tutor's work. He is very friendly, and patient to explain our simple problems"

These are other SET results from 2016-17: for 3 MSc modules.

  • - K14BDC - SET = 24.14 / 25 - 10 credits - autumn 2016.- Design based module.
  • - K14VAP - SET = 24.34 / 25 - 30 credits - autumn 2016.- CFD based.
  • - K14RRP - SET = 24.78 / 25 - 30 credits - spring 2017.- Based on Software Engineering/programming.

Samples of Graduates Exact Email Messages

These are few out of over 50 email messages received from past MSc students:

MSc student 2021-22

"Dear Gadi, Hello! I have submitted my postgraduate dissertation. It also means that my postgraduate studies are coming to an end. Over the past year, I have learnt many new things from you that I had never been exposed to before, completed a number of assignments independently and also worked with my lovely classmates on the Glasgow team assignment. All the knowledge and learning experiences make me become a better person.

You're the best teacher I've had. You are a role model for me to follow because of your enthusiasm for work, rigorous academic attitude, and profound knowledge. I am pleased to have chosen Renewable Energy and Architecture as my postgraduate course. It has also been an honour to be your student and to have spent a very, very, very rewarding postgraduate life with you. I will never forget B5 and the good times I had with you.

I wish you good health and go well. See you! Best wishes."

MSc student 2018-19

"I am a student of MSc Renewable energy and Architecture. I already submitted my dissertation this morning, and I will go back to my country on 7th September. It is my honor to be your student, and thanks a lot for your patient and comprehensive teaching and helps during this year! ANSYS and VB should be the extremely useful tools in my future business. Wish you the very best of luck in your life and job! Many Thanks."

MSc student 2017-18.

"I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to sincerely thank you for being a very good professor and taking care of all of us and helping us. It was an amazing year and I learned a lot from your classes. I hope you will be present in our graduation. Thank you so much."

MSc student 2015-16.

" I am writing you this email just to express my gratitude and gladness for being a part of this Master course! With no doubt, I could tell that this was the best experience of my life so far; I already redacted this on the course Survey, but your lectures are well planned, organized and designed so, us, the students can learn easily what you are displaying during the presentations."

MSc student 2016-17

" It has been a while since we communicated. I have been out of the country, travelled to Africa but returned back to UK recently. I received my results today and I'm glad to have got an overall pass with distinction. It's been tough one year but in the end the hard work paid off. Your guidance, support and consistent encouragement has been monumental in shaping me the past year and helped me navigate through the MSc course. I wholeheartedly thank you and deeply appreciate your efforts."

MSc student 2013-14

" Its now time to go back home and will be travelling on Tuesday evening. I would like to sincerely appreciate your personal contribution and dedication to the role you played as the course director and most importantly to be supervised by you. Through the MSc course, I leant a lot and improved my technical skills on energy efficiency, sustainable building concepts, alternative and renewable energy systems. Most importantly, I have experience tremendous improvement on my analytic and presentation skills that will come in handy as a life skill. Thank you and God bless you."

MSc student 2011-12

" I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the guidance from CD sticker's to weekly CFD assignments to the intense coursework. Thank you to making me capable enough to face any type of projects for life and helping me evolve as a more serious and focused individual."

MSc student 2011-12

"Its really been a while since we communicated. Hope all is well in Nottingham? I have currently been employed as a lecturer on a Bsc. Green Energy Engineering course back at home and wanted to share with you. My Msc. was really challenging but this has brought out the best in me and I am impacting this knowledge to my students. I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your great contribution."

MSc student 2010-11

" Kindly receive greetings and good wishes from me and my family. I always remember your care and guidance during my study in Nottingham I am going on well with teaching and practices, the knowledge and hardworking skills you impacted to me has shaped my life. Thank you again , say hello to your family. "

MSc student 2005-06

" Thank you Sir ! for laying the foundation of my career via MSc Renewable energy and architecture course in the year 2006. "

Current Research

I welcome enquiries from potential PhD candidates from Home, EU and international countries who are interested in the following research areas: Renewable energy and sustainable architecture; Computer modelling of building thermal and solar radiation performance using existing commercial; energy performance of ground-integrated buildings; Visual Basic Programming Language

Past Research

Samples of Research Grants : ( £ 604,547)

Grant 1 : Principal Investigator : Dr M B Gadi Research Title : Fluidized-PCM Glazed Energy Storage System Source : EPSRC ( UK ) Value : £ 57,652 Start Date : completed

Grant 2 : Co-Investigators : Dr M B Gadi , et al. Research Title : (JERI) Research Equipment for the Eco-house Source : EPSRC ( UK ) Value : £ 107,500 Start Date : Completed

Grant 3 Co-Investigator : Dr M B Gadi , et.al. Research Title : Platform Grant Source : EPSRC ( UK ) Value : £ 439,395 Start Date : Completed

Current Research

Computer modelling of building thermal and solar radiation performance using existing commercial

software and developing new computer tools (using the Visual Basic Programming Language).

Future Research

Investigating Thermal Response of Hospital Patients with Certain Illnesses.

Field research on user response to outdoor thermal environment in residential & public courtyards.

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