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Fiona McKinlay

Research Student,


Research Summary

Current Status

PhD (part-time) - currently registered

Research Topic

Horses in early medieval England: the place-name evidence

Research Summary

My research explores, through place-name study, the importance of the horse in early medieval England.

Through the comprehensive collection and analysis of place-names that refer directly or indirectly to horses, the project sets out to discover what the names convey about early equine practices. It expects to encounter horse breeding, transport and communication, amongst other horse-related activities. The chosen time-period focuses the study particularly on the naming practices of the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings and aims to add to and enhance current knowledge of how these cultures viewed and named the land.

I am currently in my first year of research.

Research Interests

English place-names

Anglo-Saxon and Viking history

Research Supervisors

Dr John Baker

Dr Jayne Carroll

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