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Daria Paterek

Daria is a second-year English BA student. She completed an online placement as a marketing intern at an agency.

Where was your placement and what were your tasks?

"My placement was online, due to Covid-19. It was with a marketing agency called Seed Creativity in Leicester. I was with them for approximately three weeks.

I was a market research intern, which included gathering qualitative and quantitative data, forming recommendations to shape the agency’s marcom strategy, and delivering a presentation to senior staff. I worked with one other student, in her third year, and we split the tasks evenly between us." 

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How did you find out about your placement? What made you want to do one?

"I found out about my placement through the university website. It was an optional opportunity.

I wanted to do the placement as I wanted to gain clarity in what I wanted to do as a career. As a result of my placement, I realised that I want to pursue a career in marketing." 

What was the most enjoyable part of your placement?

"The versatility of the tasks that I undertook. From creating questionnaires, to creating PowerPoints, and analysing data, no two days were the same. 

On the other hand, the hardest part of my placement was gathering replies for our questionnaire! I had to advertise it on numerous forums, Facebook groups, and social media platforms."

What transferable skills did you gain? 

"I gained market research skills, teamwork, online skills, communication. They will definitely be helpful in my future career in marketing, which is all about maintaining and developing client relationships." 

Did you learn anything new or unexpected about yourself?

"I learnt that I actually don’t despise data! I really struggled with maths at secondary school, and I grew to despise working with data. Yet through this placement, I found out that working with data doesn't have to be challenging or difficult." 

Have your future career aspirations changed because of your placement? 

"Yes! It made me gain clarity over my career. I'd like to go into content/digital marketing. I enjoyed how I was able to produce results and recommendations (since I'm quite results driven)!"

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