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The School of English and The University of Nottingham have a long-standing reputation for their warm welcome to international students, both as students on our degree courses and also as incoming exchange students for one or two semesters.

Many members of staff in the School have an international background and enjoy teaching and researching in a thriving international community.

The School recognises that incoming exchange students come from different educational backgrounds and we have tried to cater for your different needs.

Students from The University of Nottingham give a tour of our University Park campus.


What can exchange students study?

Some incoming exchange students will not have covered certain aspects of the degree programme and may find it difficult to join some of our modules. We want all exchange students to do well at Nottingham and enjoy their time in the School. That is why we permit students from different institutions to take different level modules.

Find out which modules you are eligible to take

From September 2017 students may take up to 60 credits of Level 2 and 3 modules and/or subsidiary modules if they are from:

  • Universitas 21 institutions
  • Non Universitas 21 institutions that are native English Speakers
  • City University, Hong Kong
  • ERASMUS students from Oslo, Helsinki, Heidelberg or Venice

All other institutions

  • Students may take up to 30 credits of subsidiary modules in the School of English per semester they are on exchange.

(We regret that we are not able to offer Level 2 or 3 modules to you, as we only have enough space in these modules for students from universities with which we have a prior agreement.)

The credits indicated are the total allowed for the full period of exchange.

For example, if the allotment is 60 credits, a student coming for one semester can take the full 60 credits during that semester. If the student is coming for two semesters, the 60 credits can be spread across the two semesters as desired, but cannot total more than 60 credits for the full year. These limits are for the School of English only, and students may be able to take modules in other schools in addition to English modules.

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Find out about available modules

Subsidiary (Level 1) modules

Subsidiary modules in the School of English are open to all students regardless of major subject, length of study or English proficiency. They are all 10 credit modules and are as follows:

Autumn Semester: September to January

  • Q3102S - English Literature: History
  • Q3109S - Shakespeare's Histories: Critical approaches
  • Q3112S - Essentials of English (students need to be available in the January exam period to take this module)

Spring Semester: February to June

  • Q3107S - The Viking World
  • Q3108S - Regional Writers

You can find more information about these modules by using the University's Catalogue of Modules and searching for the relevant module code.

Level 1/Year 1 modules other than those listed above, are not available to exchange students.

Level 2 and Level 3 modules

To see a list of Level 2 or 3 modules that may be available, go to the University's Catalogue of Modules page and type in Q32 (level 2) and Q33 (level 3) in the module code box.

Please be aware that not all Level 2 or 3 modules that are suitable for exchange students may be available each year. The School cannot guarantee that incoming students will be allocated modules of their first choice, but tries to ensure that students are able to take modules in their preferred field of study.

Unlike other Schools at the University of Nottingham, students wishing to study Level 2 or 3 modules in the School of English must apply in advance to be allocated these modules before their arrival in Nottingham.

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Find out how to register for modules

Students who wish to take Level 2 or 3 modules in the School should contact the International Office regarding how to apply.

Students wishing to take subsidiary modules do not need to apply in advance, and can register on arrival in Nottingham.

Any queries about non-academic issues (such as visas, accommodation etc) should be addressed to the International Office.

If you have any further questions about modules not answered by these pages, please contact the School of English (


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