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How to select your modules as a visiting or incoming exchange student

Most visiting and exchange students at the University of Nottingham select a range of modules or classes to study when they are in the UK.

Visiting and exchange students will be designated a home academic school/department at Nottingham on nomination, based on the exchange agreement with their home university. The majority of credits should be taken in the home academic school/department but students can often choose modules from other schools/departments. 


How to select your modules and submit your module preferences

Click on the individual drop-down sections below to find out further information about selecting your modules at the University of Nottingham and how to submit your module preferences.

Please read Module information for specific schools/departments to check module availability for your home school/department and any modules you are considering studying outside of your home school/department

Credit load

All visiting and exchange students on undergraduate or postgraduate taught programmes are required to adhere to the following credit loads:

  • The standard credit load is 60 credits per semester and 120 credits for a full year (60/60 credit per semester split)
  • The minimum credit load is 50 credits per semester and 100 credits for a full year (50/50 credit per semester split)
  • The maximum credit load is 70 credits within one semester and 120 credits for a full year (50/70 credit per semester split)
  • 30 credits must be chosen from the home school in each semester. For students hosted by French and Francophone Studies; German Studies; or Spanish Portuguese and Latin American Studies, those 30 home credits can be taken from within the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies.

Module levels

  • University of Nottingham modules are divided into levels with undergraduate modules mostly offered at levels 1-3 and final year undergraduate and postgraduate taught modules offered at level 4.
  • Students should check modules are at the correct level for their studies, level 1 modules are typically introductory modules for first year students or students who have no background knowledge of the subject. Modules at levels 2 or 3 are for a major area of study and students are typically expected to show previous study of the subject area in order to be allocated to level 2 or 3 modules.
  • Some modules will require students to demonstrate past study in order to access these.
  • Students are advised to confirm their module selection with their home institution prior to submitting. 
More information can be found in the faculty information at the bottom of this page. Information regarding pre-requisites can be found on the Approved modules for visiting and incoming exchange students and on the module catalogue.

Finding modules

Please visit Approved modules for visiting and incoming exchange students to view approved modules for visiting and incoming exchange students in each school/department. Visit the module catalogue to view module descriptions, students can access the module catalogue through the Approved modules for visiting and incoming exchange students webpage.

Modules are taught in either in either the autumn semester, spring semester or for the full academic year. It is not possible for students studying for one semester only to enrol onto full year modules.

The university publishes its module catalogue every April. To search for a module on the module catalogue:

  1. Click ‘Search for Courses (Modules)'
  2. In Campus choose ‘United Kingdom’ from the drop-down list
  3. In Term choose ‘2024 Academic Year’ from the drop-down list
  4. In ‘Offering Unit’ choose your home school/department at Nottingham then click ‘Search’ or enter the module code directly (if known) in the ‘Course Code’ field and search.
  5. Modules, which state ‘Available to JYA/Erasmus students’ are approved for visiting and exchange students. 
  6. All modules are subject to availability. The university will contact students from January if alternative modules are required. 


Students should check how modules are assessed and think about assessment preferences, those accustomed to continuous assessment may consider choosing a module with coursework assessments such as essays/presentations, rather than 100% exam.

Credits are only awarded for completed modules where all assessments have been taken. 

If the January to June semester at your home university starts before the end of the autumn semester at the University of Nottingham, you may need to check before you arrive at the University of Nottingham, if you can submit an alternative assessment or overseas exam in place of your January exams at Nottingham. Further information can be found on the Overseas examinations webpage.


Submitting your module preferences

Visiting and incoming exchange students are required to submit their module choices through an online form prior to their arrival in the UK. Please ensure you have agreed a list of back-up modules with your home university, in case any of your first choice modules are not available.

Please note that you can only submit this form once and any requests for changes will need to be submitted during the Change of Mind period once you are registered as a University of Nottingham student.

  • Student timetables will be released to visiting students, who have completed online registration and registered for modules, from September 2024. Whilst the university aims to timetable in a way which reduces clashes, the range of optional choices means that there are sometimes timetabling clashes with other modules. Therefore, your first choice may not be available to you. The timetable will also confirm the locations of where modules are taught, if you are studying modules from different schools/department, which are taught on different campuses, please check the locations on your timetable to ensure you have enough time to travel between classes.
  • If you have a clash in your timetable, you will need to select an alternative module. Students who select modules from more than one academic school/department may be more likely to experience timetable clashes.
  • Some modules have prerequisites that you must meet before you can take them. Please check module details and seek guidance from your home university academic adviser before choosing. The university will review your choices to make sure they comply with the programme and module regulations.
  • You should not be able to see modules you are not eligible to take, however should this occur we will contact you to enable you to select an alternative.
  • The module may be full. If a module is limited the number of places available will be visible, for example, 2 places left. We will use any information you give us about your alternative choices and we will contact you if we require further information.
  • You can submit your module preferences on the 2024-25 Exchange, Erasmus & Intercampus Module Enrolment, which you will receive by email in August.
  • Visiting students who are starting their exchange in September will be able to submit their module preferences through the 2024-25 Exchange, Erasmus & Intercampus Module Enrolment for the 2024/2025 academic year in August 2024. 

Accessing your timetable

If your selected modules are confirmed, then your individual timetable will be published at the start of the semester. You can find out further information about the teaching timetable and the link to the login page to access the teaching timetable on the Timetabling webpage.

The student timetable will be released to visiting students, who have completed online registration and registered for modules, from September 2024.


Changing your module preference

Where you need to make a change to your modules, you should follow the general procedure for the Change of Mind period, which is released at the start of the academic year and is for a limited period.

This may delay the publishing or your individual timetable, as this requires all modules to be confirmed.

The Change of Mind period for autumn semester 2024 is in October 2024. Please refer to the Module Enrolment webpage for further information.

Module enrolment

It is not possible to add or remove modules outside of the Change of Mind period.

Changing your home academic school/department at Nottingham

It is unusual for students to need to change their home academic school/department at Nottingham, but if you need to make such a request, please contact the Visiting Students team to confirm if this is permitted.

Module information for specific schools/departments

Department of Architecture and Built Environment

Architecture and Built Envionment require a portfolio to be submitted in addition to the application.

School of Biosciences

The course location for Environmental Science and Plant Science modules is on the University Park Campus. 

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Chemical and Environmental Engineering modules are only open to students whose home university has a subject-specific existing exchange agreement with this department, as capacity is limited.

School of Chemistry

Chemistry are happy to consider students into Level 1 or Level 2 for the full year, or for one semester, or the whole year in Level 3 or Level 4. In all cases, please contact the Visiting students team for further guidance.

School of Economics

Economics modules are only available to exchange students whose home school is Economics. Please check the Approved modules page carefully for availability.

School of English

English welcomes Visiting students from both undergraduate and postgraduate study, for one semester or a full year. Undergraduate students with an English major or minor can choose modules from any undergraduate level, subject to availability.

Visiting students without a background in English Studies should consult the Exchange coordinator, if they would like to study modules in the School of English at levels 2 or 3. All Visiting students are welcome to choose available Level 1 modules; 10-credit modules are recommended.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering are happy to consider students for Level 1 and 2 modules for the full year exchange only, single semester exchange students will only be able to enrol on the more advanced Level 3 or 4 modules. In all cases, please contact the Visiting students team, to check that your module choices can be accommodated.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Medicine and Health Sciences do not accept visiting students except for the School of Life Sciences, but certain criteria may need to be met.

School of Medicine modules listed on the Approved modules for Visiting students webpage are only available to postgraduate exchange students from The University of Melbourne, who are nominated for the School of Medicine.

Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Students from a university whose exchange agreement is with the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures will be nominated and hosted by the unit, which the exchange agreement is with: French and Francophone Studies, German Studies or Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies. However, your minimum 30 credits, which must be taken in your host language department, can be taken in the wider School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies. They will not be restricted to the modules offered by the specific language unit.

School of Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations modules are only available to students hosted by this school.


Academic schools/departments

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