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Research networks

Research networks

Members of the School lead and participate in national and international research networks, promoting interdisciplinary and global research exchange.

Participation in research networks
Staff memberResearch centre RoleNetwork Location
Svenja Adolphs CRAL Member ESRC Strategic Advisory Network 2018-2020  UK
Svenja Adolphs CRAL External advisory board AI for Science and Government (Alan Turing Institute)  UK
John Baker INS Member Assemblies and Landscapes in Iceland 850-1950 (Icelandic Science Foundation-funded) UK
John Baker INS Member Royal Residences Network (Durham) UK
Jayne Carroll INS Advisory board Gersum Project (AHRC-funded)  UK
Jayne Carroll INS Advisory board Monumentalising Kingship Network UK
Judith Jesch CSVA Member Evighetsrunor (funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond) Gotland, Sweden
Judith Jesch CSVA Member Bokstavar mellom runer og manuskript Oslo, Norway
Judith Jesch CSVA Member Research Network of Urban Literacy  Aarhus, Denmark
Christina Lee CSVA Co-lead AncientBiotics Research Group UK; Atlanta
Christina Lee CSVA Member Homo Debiles Research Group Bremen, Germany
Louise Mullany CRAL Network lead Language, Gender and Leadership Network UK; East Africa

Máire Ní Fhlathúin

CRLC Member Second Cities in the Circuits of Empire Network (British Academy-funded) Glasgow; Kolkata
Lynda Pratt CRLC Member ARCScholar Network (Interdisciplinary Mellon Foundation-funded) Texas, USA
Lucie Sutherland CRLC Member Women and Regional Theatre in Britain and Ireland (SSHRC-funded) UK
Peter Stockwell CRAL Member Rikkyo University Stylistics Research Group  Tokyo, Japan
Peter Stockwell CRAL Member Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Stylistics Project Spain
Peter Stockwell CRAL Member University of Catania Neurohumanities Group Italy
Peter Stockwell CRAL Member Heidelberg Cultural Stylistics Network Germany


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