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Current PhD students

You can find out more about current projects being undertaken by some of our PhD students by browsing the list below. You can also view PhD student profiles on our People page.

Student list

 Name Thesis topic

James Aitcheson

Writing the Middle Ages: a re-evaluation of the fantastical in historical fiction

Supervisors: Dr Spencer Jordan and Dr Christina Lee

Elizabeth Alblas

World Mythology and Folklore: A Re-imagining of Cultural Stories and Figures

Supervisors: Dr Lila Matsumoto, Prof Judith Jesch and Dr Bridget Vincent

Chloe Ashbridge

State of the Nation: The Literary North and the Devolving Politics of Multiculturalism

Supervisors: Dr Joe Jackson, Prof Dominic Head and Dr Corinne Fowler (Leicester)

Aimee Bailey

Discourses of homonormativity in queer women's media

Supervisors: Dr Lucy Jones and Prof Louise Mullany

Samira Bakeer

A multimodal investigation into the use of Discourse Markers in supervision sessions: The case of Arabic doctoral students

Supervisors: Prof Svenja Adolphs and Prof Louise Mullany

Kathryn Bullen

Assess the impact of language, history and landscape on place-names on the Isle of Axholme

Supervisors: Dr Jayne Carroll and Dr John Baker

Joshua Caldicott

The Development of Epilogues in Relation to their Audiences in the English Commercial Theatre between 1578 and 1642

Supervisors: Dr Peter Kirwan and Dr Simon Smith (Birmingham)

Cassidy Croci

Visualizing social networks in Landnámabók

Supervisors: Prof Judith Jesch and Dr Sheryllynne Haggerty (Humanities)

Whitney Cull

Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion: A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis

Supervisors: Prof Louise Mullany and Dr Lucy Jones

Colette Davies

The Minerva Press, Women Writers and the Literary Marketplace, 1770-1820

Supervisors: Prof Lynda Pratt, Prof Máire ní Fhlathúin  and Dr Felicity James (Leicester)

Daniel Edmondson

Taboo language processing and the linguistic reclamation of LGBTQ+ slurs

Supervisors: Dr Dominic Thompson and Dr Lucy Jones

Nicky Grace

Being with woman: a creative-critical exploration of how midwifery memoir contributes to the construction of midwifery identity and aspects of the mother/midwife relationship

Supervisors: Dr Lila Matsumoto and Dr Phoebe Pallotti (Health Sciences)

Ruby Hawley-Sibbett

Women writers' use of English and Welsh regional spaces in prose fiction, 1810-1820

Supervisors: Prof Lynda Pratt, Prof Máire ní Fhlathúin and Dr Felicity James (Leicester)

Emily Heathcote

Postmodernist Literature and Postmodernist Editing

Supervisors: Professor Jo Guy, Dr Nathan Waddell and Prof Andrzej Gąsiorek (Birmingham)

Matthew Holliday

The Influence of William Wordsworth on Virginia Woolf: 'My Only Drug'

Supervisors: Prof Josephine Guy, Prof Phil Shaw (Leicester) and Prof Alexandra Harris (Birmingham)

Victoria Howard

Mastering the rules? Constructions of gender and political identities in the House of Lords

Supervisors: Prof Louise Mullany and Dr Lucy Jones

Katie Jones

Author, Reviewer and Translator: Katherine Mansfield's Place in Literary Culture

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Harrison and Prof Andrew Thacker (NTU)

Julian Kitagawa

Formulaic language processing in Japanese secondary school English

Supervisors: Prof Kathy Conklin and Prof Norbert Schmitt

Patrick Landy

Hybrid Forms: The Function of Mathematics in Oulipian Poetry

Supervisors: Mr Matthew Welton and Dr Emma Wagstaff (Birmingham)

Elisabeth Magin

Runes, runic writing and runic inscriptions as primary sources for town development in medieval Bergen, Norway

Supervisors: Prof Judith Jesch, Dr Chris King (Archaeology) and Dr Gitte Hansen (University Museum of Bergen)

Jodie Marley

'A rare instance of mystical genius': Redefining the Twentieth Century Literary Legacy of William Blake

Supervisors: Dr Matthew Green, Prof Jim Moran and Dr Sarah Davison

Christopher Mawford

Liminal spaces in Old Norse wisdom poetry

Supervisors: Prof Judith Jesch and Dr Paul Cavill 

Joshua Neal

Danelaw Boundaries: the place-name evidence in context

Supervisors: Dr Jayne Carroll and Dr John Baker

William Pidzamecky

A cross-cultural study of medieval Scandinavian expansion and settlement into England and Ukraine in the 9th and 10th centuries with particular focus on the development of Viking winter camps and their Eastern equivalent

Supervisors: Prof Judith Jesch and Dr John Baker

Emma Putland

Representing and responding to dementia: Investigating how British charities and the press portray dementia, and how people with and without direct experience receive such dementia discourses

Supervisors: Dr Kevin Harvey, Dr Daniel Hunt and Prof Tom Dening (Institute of Mental Health)

Sam Rosen

A sociocultural linguistic investigation of identities in asexual communities

Supervisors: Dr Lucy Jones and Prof A K-T Yip (Sociology and Social Policy)

Jessica Treacher

The Arboreal Toponym: place-name evidence for the exploitation and management of trees in early medieval England

Supervisors: Dr John Baker, Dr Jayne Carroll and Dr Richard Jones (Leicester)

Amy Wilcockson

A Scholarly Edition of the Letters of the Scottish Romantic Poet, Thomas Campbell (1777-1844)

Supervisors: Prof Linda Pratt, Dr Adam Rounce and Dr Louise Curran (Birmingham)

Ella Wydrzynska

Making Non-Readers Read: using stylistic analyses to explore the literary engagement of low-attainers in Key Stage 3

Supervisors: Dr Violeta Sotirova and Prof Peter Stockwell

Jessica Yusek

Supernatural beings and powers in medieval Icelandic and Middle English literature

Supervisors: Dr Christina Lee and Dr Joanna Martin

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