Course deposits – Frequently Asked Questions

Course deposit FAQ

Tuition fee deposits are required when accepting offers for selected masters degree courses in our Business School and School of Medicine.

Course deposits

What is a course deposit?

This is an advance payment to the University in order to secure a place on some of our postgraduate masters degree courses. Applicants must pay the deposit in order to accept offers (either conditional or unconditional) for these courses.

Your deposit is an advance payment of tuition fees and will be deducted from the fees charged to you after you register for your course. Please note that the course deposit is separate from a CAS deposit and international students who require a student visa will need to pay a CAS deposit as well as the course deposit.

Do I have to pay a course deposit and how much?

All postgraduate taught courses in Nottingham University Business School require a course deposit of £2,000 in order to secure a place.

Exceptions apply for students with full scholarships, sponsored students and students with loans from US Federal Student Aid. Find out more below.

When must I pay the deposit?

Nottingham University Business School courses, and MMedSci Assisted Reproduction Technology

Course deposits are usually required within six weeks from the date of your offer, but we may provide an earlier deadline for late applications. Please check your offer letter for confirmation of the deadline. For late international applicants, please ensure that you pay both the CAS deposit and the course deposit by the relevant deadlines.

MSc Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Medicine

Deposit payments should only be made once your offer is unconditional. Places on the course are limited and your place will only be secured once you are holding an unconditional offer and you have made your deposit payment in full.

How can I pay the deposit?

Please see the Student Services page, link below:

What happens if I miss the payment deadline?

If the University has not received the deposit by the stated deadline, we will withdraw the offer of a place on our course, so it is essential that you have funds for your course deposit available before applying.

If you have not paid the deposit before the deadline but you are still interested in studying our course, please contact Admissions as soon as possible to discuss the circumstances. The offer may be reinstated at the University's discretion, depending on various factors. If we have already filled all places on the course, we will be unable to restore your offer.

Places on the MSc Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Medicine course are allocated on a first come, first served basis to applicants holding an unconditional offer who have paid the course deposit. Any delay in paying the deposit may mean that a place on the course is no longer available.


Deposit waivers

Sponsored students

We can waive the course deposit requirement for students whose fees will be fully paid by a recognised sponsor, upon receipt of appropriate evidence. If you are fully sponsored for your course fees, please send a copy of your sponsorship letter, quoting your full name and application ID number to:

You must provide this before the stated deadline for your deposit. The University will only accept sponsorship letters from recognised sponsors (overseas governments, international businesses, universities, trusts and charities, etc.) and not from friends or family members. If your family will pay your tuition fees, you or your family must pay the deposit.

US Federal Student Aid loans

We can waive the deposit requirement for students from the USA who will receive loans from Federal Student Aid, providing the full cost of your tuition fees is covered by the loan.

If you have any queries about the US Federal Student Aid process, you can email:


University of Nottingham scholarships

If you have been awarded a full tuition fee scholarship (100% of your tuition fees) by the University of Nottingham, we will waive the requirement for a deposit. You must confirm acceptance of your scholarship if you have not already done so, and inform Admissions by completing our enquiry form.  

If you have been awarded a partial scholarship (less than 100% of your tuition fees), you are still required to pay the deposit or to provide a sponsorship letter from a recognised sponsor confirming funding of the remaining fees.

If you have any queries about your scholarship, please contact our Scholarships Team on:


Can my course deposit be refunded?

You may request a refund in full, for any reason, within 14 calendar days of the payment date.

If your visa application is refused, we will usually be able to refund your deposit. If the refusal was due to fraudulent documentation or conditions which you could have foreseen (as determined by University), you will not be eligible for a refund. You must provide official evidence of your visa refusal.

If you have been unable to meet the conditions of your offer, you will be eligible for a refund, but you must provide evidence that you have attempted to meet those conditions (e.g. academic results or English language test results) which will be assessed by the University. If you have not attempted to meet your conditions, you will not be eligible for a refund.

If you defer your offer to the following year, the University will retain your deposit for the following year. You may only defer your offer once, and if you decline your deferred offer, the deposit will not be refundable. If you apply again in a future year and receive a new offer, you must then pay a new deposit.

In the unlikely event that the degree programme is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

All refund requests must be made in writing (by email) to Admissions within one calendar month of the start date of your course. Requests made after this time will not be considered.


General Finance enquiries

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