Payroll - pay dates and deadlines

Pay Day information

Pay day is the penultimate working day of each month.

In order that we can offer the best possible service and process all extra payments sent to us, please ensure that all amendments are with us no later than 12 noon on the 16th of every month unless otherwise stated.

On such occasions where the 16th falls on a weekend, the deadline will be brought forward to the Friday before.

Pay days

January 2023 Monday 30th
February 2023 Monday 27th
March 2023 Thursday 30th
April 2023 Thursday 27th
May 2023 Tuesday 30th
June 2023 Thursday 29th
July 2023 Friday 28th
August 2023 Wednesday 30th
September 2023 Thursday 28th
October 2023 Monday 30th
November 2023 Wednesday 29th
December 2023 Wednesday 20th
Your payroll number is the unique piece of information which identifies you. Please provide this number on all documents you send to us. If this is not supplied or your claim has not been authorised the form will be returned to you and payment cannot be guaranteed. For the correct form please see the following link.

Forms (Payroll forms)

Please do not contact Payroll Services to find out how much you will be paid each month. Payslips are provided electronically on MyView, which is accessible via the following link.



General Finance enquiries

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