Research Data Management
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Working with data

The way in which research data is collected, created, analysed, stored and published depends on the project,  subject and researcher. 

IT provides standard capabilities to all research projects, which can be enhanced dependant on specific requirements and funding. 

If in doubt, visit support for research



Data ownership 

IT considers the Primary Investigator of all research projects to be the data owner. 

It is the Primary Investigators responsibility to ensure data is: 

  • held securely
  • has appropriate access 

Standard relational database services

  • IT can host MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle for researchers, either on shared or solely owned infrastructure. 

Standard open access data services

  • there is currently no standard university service that allows access to information anonymously, although bespoke services have been created on request. 

Server based data services

  • server hosting service is available. If your project needs a full server-based solution including filestore, please contact IT to discuss.
  • research storage can be accessed via Samba as well as Windows shares, so filestore can be presented to Linux servers.
  • we have audio and video streaming services and a metadata solution (Equella) for storing and retrieving all manner of digital objects.
  • for collaborative projects Workspace and SharePoint are available.

Standard high performance data services

  • IT is working on a standard solution to allow analytics to be performed on data without network latency and system sharing. 

Standard accessible data services

  • if the expected requirement is greater than 1TB, for every additional 1TB a one off charge of £1,000 will be applied. 
  • this standard accessible storage is accessible from a browser using https, or through Windows (XP or 7) Linux and Apple Max OSX (all using CIFS or SMB1 or SMB2 protocols)
  • this file service is developed to ensure continual security of information: 2 copies of the files are kept, the service is maintained with security patches and malware (virus) protection, and backups are maintained for active data.

External file stores

  • researchers should identify any subject specific repositories they may want to place data in.
  • IT is not able to safeguard service data held in external data repositories. It is therefore important that all curated data should be held at the University of Nottingham in addition to external repositories.

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