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Open software

As well as sharing research data to increase reproducibility and impact of research, you may also be interested in sharing your research software.

Why should I share my software?

-      To ensure that your data can be correctly analysed, that pipelines are clear and that downstream data can be reproduced by others

-      To gain credit for areas other than just written outputs. Software can be cited and referenced, it can be included in your ORCID and other profiles.

-      To ensure that the software is securely archived for future use. Software can easily be lost when researchers move institutions.

-      To encourage collaborations in the future. Other may want to use your software for their own research, or build on your software to create new uses.

If you believe that your software is a commercial asset, instead of openly sharing your software you may be interested in commercially licensing it. For more information contact the IP Commercialisation Team.


Choose a license

Software licenses are a specific set of licenses which allow you to set out the terms of use for your software. Use the flowchart to choose the most appropriate license for your project.

Citing software

As with written outputs and data, software can also be cited to show recognition of others work in your research. The Software Sustainability Institute have provided this helpful guide.

Where to deposit your software?

As with data there are different places and different ways to share your software. Check out our short guide


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