Research Data Management
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Research data storage

Data storage, security and backup are key to successful research – if you lose your research data unexpectedly then you may lose years of work. Fortunately IS provides a number of options that are secure, backed-up and managed for you.




Small data

  1. Consider using your personal Z drive or request a shared folder via the University secure filestore.
  2. Utilise file servers managed by your research group or school.

Large data

Larger datasets require more specialised storage in the form of the Research Filestore. An IS service available to any researcher and offering 1TB of storage as standard. The service is:

  1. Secure – you control who accesses your data
  2. Free – up to 1TB (higher quotas may be charged for)
  3. Scalable – expands to meet demand
  4. Robust - centrally managed by IS with backups taken as standard

The Research Filestore is available by contacting your local IT Support Representative.

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