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Kitchen Prep UK

Incorporated in November 2020, Kitchen Prep UK is a highly proactive food business centred around the development and manufacture of nutritionally balanced frozen meals.

With the socio and economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic engulfing the country, Kitchen Prep UK spotted a gap in the market, simply to give keyworkers access to nutritious and tasty food. Working with a qualified nutritionist, the company developed a range of nutritionally balanced meals, designed to be heated in a microwave with minimal time and effort. Coupled with a bespoke freezer vending machine to allow keyworkers 24 hour access to their nutritious meals.

Kitchen Prep UK requested support in the development of a new product line, labelling regulations guidance and business focus advice.

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We will be forever grateful for the expertise of Annie Blissett and Richard Worrall. Annie and Richard are very approachable, and we really appreciate the fact we can call them at any time and ask for advice. Our business is thriving due to the knowledge and science we have gained from working with them and their team. All would not have been possible without the driving Research & Innovation SME Engagement Project

Luke and Emily - Directors, Kitchen Prep UK ( 

Project brief

  •        Aid the development of a new product line to add to the Kitchen Prep UK product portfolio. 

  •        Provide Kitchen Prep UK with product labelling regulations guidance. 

  • Facilitate and offer ideations around the Kitchen Prep UK business focus, to support the company’s growth vision.

  • Offer business advice and support as and when required.

The response

  • Supported the development of a new product line, delivering in-depth category analysis, recipe modification and nutritional guidance. 

  • Provided a detailed product labelling guide with follow-up support as and when required.  

  • Discussed the Kitchen Prep UK market focus, working together to conceptualise expansion plans and areas of opportunity for future business growth.

  • The FIC continue to support Kitchen Prep UK as they role out their nutritious meals, aiming to reach keyworkers across the UK.

Benefit to the business

The support provided by the FIC has provided Kitchen Prep UK with a new product line within their nutritiously balanced meals portfolio, supported with in-depth category analysis. Alongside a detailed product labelling guide and advisory service. Furthermore, the company have been able to focus their expansion and growth plans in-line with their key product offering.

To date the company has over 12 nutritionally balanced dishes, coupled with a bespoke, branded freezer vending machine, to allow keyworkers direct access to hot, nutritious meals, 24 hours a day.

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