Food Innovation Centre


Established in 2018, Myconeos Ltd is a start-up company founded on fungal microbiological research from the University of Nottingham. Using ground-breaking techniques, the company is focused on developing new strains of Penicillium Roqueforti with novel characteristics for mould-ripened cheese production. Four initial candidate strains (currently in the advance stages of final production) have already been developed for targeted use in the dairy industry. In addition, the company have a formidable expertise and ability to develop future novel strains for the wider food manufacturing base. Myconeos required support on end product trials, possible commercial collaborations, accreditation support and social media marketing.


When you’re a start-up, there are so many challenges: time, money, energy. Having access to this knowledgeable, practical support has given us the right connections and helped us get to market quicker.

Project brief

  • Identifying a suitable small-scale cheese trial facility, allowing final candidate strain testing in the targeted end product.
  • Supporting the identification of potentially suited commercial mould-ripened cheese collaborators.
  • Advise on technical accreditation support services.
  • Advise on social media marketing support agencies.

The response

  • A number of small-scale cheese trial companies were researched and refined based on location, services and facilities offered. A short-list was submitted to Myconeos for consideration, along with liaising support if required.
  • A series of cheese manufacturers at a local and national level were researched. Consideration was based on mould-ripened cheese production, innovative company nature and industry citing. A short-list was submitted to Myconeos in addition to further liaising support if required.
  • Advice and relevant contacts regarding technical accreditation training and insight were given to the company, along with further follow-up support if required.
  • Recommended local social media support agencies and contacts were provided to the company, along with further follow-up support if required.

Benefit to the business

This project has supported the company to progress with end product trials in a suitable manufacturing environment, along with well-founded suggestions for potential on-going blue cheese manufacturing collaborations. Furthermore, specific contacts, allowing Myconeos to access invaluable insight to the wider dairy industry were recommended. Finally, the project assisted in enabling Myconeos to access well-suited technical training support and social media marketing guidance.

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