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This opportunity is now closed.

Businesses working on alternative protein in East Midlands can access product and business innovation support from the Food Innovation Centre.

Wednesday 20th December, 2023 

The University of Nottingham Food Innovation Centre is pleased to announce that we have secured a Regional Innovation Fund grant to support 12 businesses in the East Midlands that are focused on advancing alternative protein solutions.

With this support, businesses can:

  • Work with our food innovation technologists to deliver solutions for new product and process development techniques around plant-based proteins, cultivated meat, fermentation and other innovative alternative proteins.
  • Access support worth up to £5k or 12-24hrs worth of free consultancy services.

The Food Innovation Centre has supported over 220 food and drink manufacturers in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire area, across a range of food and drink categories - brewers, bakers, pie makers, drinks manufacturers, ice cream and ice lolly makers, pizza base manufacturers and a whole lot more. Some of these customers include Myconeous, a fungal biotech company; N-Ice Cream, a high-protein ice cream and Jampa’s, a plant-based food company.  

You can find out more about our support to businesses in the past by heading over to the "Case Studies" section of our website. 

More about this opportunity:


Eligibility criteria: Open to food/drink businesses and entrepreneurs adopting sustainable, innovative approaches to alternative proteins in the industry, with a footprint in the East Midlands. If you have an idea or ongoing project, get in touch. Once we receive your brief, we will arrange a call to understand your business and how you’d like to work with us, and then get back to you if you’ve been selected. 

Deadline: This programme will end in March 2024, so we suggest getting in touch with us now. Enquiries are dealt with on a first-come basis, and the number we can support by the end of March will be limited. 

How to apply: Email us at describing your project, and someone from our team will get back to you. 

For regular updates about this opportunity, and services offered by the Centre, get in touch with us. 

For details about who to contact for queries regarding the Food Innovation Centre, please visit our contact us page.